Is Christianity Increasingly Becoming A religion For The Rich?

These attitudes in this church, I believe, is the microcosm of what goes on in the modern church, if not all.


I am increasingly getting worried about the trend Christianity is taking. A few years back when I was jobless and broke, I decided to attend a church which is very influential in the country, and probably I might find some connections for my empty purse, I thought.

The church is influential in terms of  revenue they rake in,annually.Having huge part of the members been in the academia and other sizable numbers being foreigners show how influential they are. Some of the members too are high caliber politicians and bankers in that order. When you go there and you are not part of this group I have mentioned, you will be surprise how differently you will be treated; you will be considered an outsider unless you have been introduced or have decided to mischievously adopt or steal one of the influential names and claiming to be a relative. And even in the church, when someone tries to shake a hand as an extension of right hand of fellowship of which you are not known to them, it’s a foreign. Ebola scare even aggravated the situation. Their smiles are full of hypocrisies. They claim they love you, but you will realize in their actions that you are not accepted .You are seen as just a bother. I had a rude shock of my life when one banker I wanted to make friend with, refused. And all these influential people are given positions to augment their newly found status. Even if there are no positions, the church will create one for them. In some churches, little thrones are carved for the ones who pay more. Just like the Jewish will say, “the one who pays more has the say”.And you will even be surprise some of these churches who engage in these evil practices are the real traditional and orthodox churches.And the ones we expect to do the right things are the newly formed churches, they have rather aggravated the situation. All these scenes have become like an indelible mark Imprinted on my brain of how Christianity is fast becoming a religion for the rich and not for the poor. These attitudes in this church, I believe, is the microcosm of what goes on in the modern church, if not all.


Our Lord Jesus Christ said that, “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven”.Jesus again told a story about a rich man who wanted a salvation, and He asked the rich man to go and sell all his properties and come and follow him…..”The rich man refused because he couldn’t bare losing his properties .Jesus said: It will be difficult for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God than to a camel going through an eye of a needle”. On the Basis of these statements from our Lord himself, is He venerating the poor and eliminating the rich from the midst of the saint? God forbid! Our Lord understand the dangers of wealthy people with canal mind besieging and taking over the church. That is why he was discouraging riches and statuses within the early church.

Is Christianity inimical to wealth building? Not at all, I believe. Christianity is not against wealth building and wealth. In fact the Judaeo-Christian tradition encourages wealth building so one can help the other when the other is in need  and to help build the other, and to make the other, and not to tear his fellow Christians apart with their wealth. Christianity encourages us to sympathize with our fellow Christians and even “mourn with those who are mourning.”


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