Killing In The Name Of Religion : Would Our World Be A Better Place To Live In If We Do Away With Religion ?


Based on these issues  I have raised, do you think the world would be a better place without  religion?


This question had been asked by great and the low, luminaries and philosophers over centuries now and still being asked. In the medieval times, the bible had been used under the pretext of killing people and burning them at the stake for no wrong doing. This same bible had been used by scores of people stemming from the Crusaders killing, raping, maiming and destroying nations in the name of  the bible. Kings and Queens, fiefdoms and kingdoms have committed heinous crimes against humanity, in the past, in the name of the bible. I quite remember during the 1994 Rwanda genocide, 80% of all the 200,000 Tutsis killed, were all killed in church buildings. Tutsis who were running to the church to have their lives saved got there and had their lives rather taken. The so called men of God had the power to had  prevented the killings but they were rather the architect of the whole genocide. It was this same so called men of God who went and showed the perpetrators where the Tutsis were. Some of the church members who were not of the same side of those men of God were killed .During Trans Atlantic slave trade, Research had shown that most of the slaves were kept in church buildings, and there was no doubt it was Christians that were engaged in these barbaric acts.



Of late, these issues have really called for questioning of what the bible really stands for. Many People of other religions really do not know whether the bible is just a mere historical book or a spiritual book revealed by a god for which Christians proclaim.  Can the bible really solve all humanity’s problem or it is just a charade to lure people into taking their wealth from them in cunning ways as others are doing in the USA and elsewhere especially in Africa?


As for Northern IRELAND there is nothing to write home about.Two denominations had been fighting for centuries and these skirmishes does not seem to be going down or abating.It keeps on coming up and the problems seem not to go away.

There have been a lot of churches and sects, these days, who have been hounding people under the guise of wanting to tell them about God’s love and the need to trust the bible for all solutions to humanity’s problems. If you pester them for a reasonable answers on their sermons they preach, then they run for cover. They tend to give you all kinds of unnecessary answers which are not reasonable and correct anyway. The answers they give you are not likely to satisfy your curiosity and give you answers you require. I wonder about their claims of being the holders of the irrefutable truth about God. Trying to press these questions harder may lead to your dismissal from the church or be excommunicated; and will be seen as the son of the devil trying to question God or blaspheming against the higher one.

In Judaism too,it pasts records in the Jewish bible gives us the same feeling about how their religion stands  for.For instant,  when you go through the Old Testament Bible(that is the Jewish bible), there were so many horrific scenes depicted about the Character of God. The story of massacres, mass exterminations of lives and properties. God is seen in different light as compared to what Christian Bible depicts .The Christian Bible depicts him as JUST,LOVING,MERCIFUL AND CONSIDERATE .


Thomas Jefferson, former US President, said about  how the Old Testament reveals  God to be “cruel, vindictive, capricious and unjust. “In closely looking at God’s character depicted in the bible, both critics and Christians cite the Bibles as their reference point. But is the bible a mere book that we can trust? Isn’t the bible of full of contradictions and inconsistencies that makes its reliability doubtful .Haven’t its veracity being questioned by modern archaeological findings? Don’t we think that the bible is more or less a collection of Imaginative legendary stories?

In 1990 federation survey in the USA of a large sampling was than on the Jewish people about their feelings toward the Torah or the Old Testament Bible. The survey revealed more critical view of the Bible than the view of a typical Christian disposition towards the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Jewish Belief that the Old Testament is only a Historical Account of the Jewish people and makes it more than a religious book. They survey carried out indicated that only 13 % of Jewish people believed that The Torah is the actual word of God.38% believes that the Torah is inspired word of God, but not everything should be taken literally word for word.48% believes that the Torah is an ancient book of history and moral precepts recorded by man. Only 4% said they don’t know or cannot choose.

Islam too, there is nothing to write home about. The atrocities caused in terms of loss of human lives and properties during and after the Prophet Mohammed and even now can’t be valued. After the Prophet died, millions of people had died as a result of wars and as to who should lead the Muslim community called the Ummah. These skirmishes led to the total Annihilation and extermination of the descendants of the Prophet Mohammed .The great division which ensued after Mohammed’s death is still being felt till this day.According to history, we all know  how Jihadist or Muslims war mongers compelled captives to convert or be killed without making any consideration to their will of choice. In our modern times, the scale of destruction being caused by Al Qaeda , The Taliban and now ISIS in the Middle East are untenable. The destruction caused by sectarian rivalries notably,the Sunnis and Shias in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya and elsewhere is an eyesore. Bombing of Embassies all around the globe in the name Islam .9/11, where thousands of people died, is still fresh in our minds.All these atrocities were done in the name of ISLAM. Maiming of individuals for just stealing a small loaf of bread of which its price is less than 50 cent.Given a whopping 1000 lashes for speaking your mind on particular matter of importance or against the prophet and the Quran.The destruction ISIS is now causing is really nerve wrecking. Not talking of human lives being taken away and destruction of world heritage sites by ISIS is very hurting. I watched on TV the other day, where ISIS was destroying the 5000 years old ancient Artefacts of Nimrod and other valuable and a very important relics. If care is not taken we may lose these valuable artefacts forever.


The Hindus also persecuting Christians, Muslims and Buddhist.Every where religion is causing confusion and troubles.

When we look at all these atrocities and ills caused by these religions, one will like to wonder whether religion should be made away with altogether  or the modern man should allow its own laws to govern him.



When you go through the bible there is nothing that suggests or gives credence to atrocities and evil done by some Christians in the past. When Christ was preaching, he made mention of forgiveness and remission of sins. He advised his followers to forgive their enemies and even pray for them. “When someone strikes your cheek give him the other side”, says the Our Lord Jesus Christ. Is this kind of teachings that warrants the scale of destruction that took place in medieval times and even in recent times? Islam talks of peace throughout the Quran. The Quran talks of no compulsion of religion and that everybody should choose his religion. Thousands of people had been killed for wanting to change their religion .During the time that The Prophet Mohammed left Mecca to Medina, he met Pagans, he met the Jews and even Christian. He did not compel anyone to his way of life but they lived side by side. They lived without hatred or animosity, and even created a constitution that would govern them. Now only few Islamic countries allow freedom of worship. So the question I am asking  now is, are these Muslim and Christians judiciously following the words that their respective prophets and LORDS gave them?


I think the evil done by these  religions are far beyond any human imagination and comprehension.There is  no doubt that  evil people, self-seeking individuals with evil intent had taken these  religions to ransom and destroying its good name. However, these two religions have done some good. They have programmes that tend to give people hope where there is no hope. Recently, research has shown that people with religious inclinations recovers quickly when they undergo various terminal treatments example cancer.Giving out charity, in no doubt goes a long way in alleviating people’s suffering .The Muslims calls it Zakat. These religions build schools to educate the masses .But the evil done by these religious groupings have overshadowed the goodness that they represent. The bad done is more than the good.

Based on these issues  I have raised, do you think the world would be a better place without  religion?


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