Learn To Pay Your Own Way:There Is No Such Thing As Free Launch

Learn To Pay Your Own Way:There Is No Such Thing As Free Launch

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted


Never remain indebted to anyone, either through default payments or favor someone had done for you. As you move along the way to success and prominence, you will meet a lot of people who will help you along the way .Some will help you in kind, some too will help you in cash. If you have not paid them, find them and pay back everything you have benefited from them. There are situations where someone finds you a job or he performs something to your favor, he tries by making you pay through indirect means. He controls you if you are within his range. War betides you, if something happens to them and you don’t show any concerns. They normally say: “We have made you who you are today, and now you don’t mind us”. These kind of situations always makes you regret for the help they rendered you.

The reasons why you should never allow your ‘debt’ unpaid:



As a winner, you must show sympathy and appreciation as you move through life. You will be surprised to hear that so many acquaintances who complain that they have helped someone in some way or the other and  expected the beneficiary to behave in a certain manner towards them and if they do not,hell break loose. Afterwards, they become bitter and even regret for helping them. Initially they will never tell you they are signing a psychological pact with you, but later they will demand their share for the contribution of your success. Try and pay them quickly so they won’t use you for their own parochial interest. You have to do anything within your powers to release yourself from of any these psychological tag of gratitude in the near future. Do whatever you can to honor your parents by paying them their due. You take away a burden and guilt away from you, if you cultivate the habit of LEARNING TO PAY YOUR OWN WAY.



Great men who take care of the old, attract respect among their peers.Sometimes you might say: “But they don’t need anything; they are rich”. Yes they might be rich but it is nice to show some appreciation for what they have done for you. Try and visit them frequently whether it is in their house or an elderly home. If you’re very far from them, then try calling them frequently. Less hatred are normally directed to people who pay their dues in the right time. When someone helps you, they feel you’re indebted to them, and is true you’re. Is just like you’re in prison. Go and release yourself by paying them back in some way. They might try to remain an albatross around your neck. Have you noticed that any time someone does you a favor and you around them you tend to be less confident for fear of stepping on their toes? Being less confident when you meet a particular person, just because of past encounters, is not good for you socially and psychologically, pay them back to redeem yourself.



A relative may use the family resources to take care of a family member, this usually happens Africa, in the hope that they will reciprocate by taking care of the rest and he later refuses, it divides and create cracks within the family. If you are in debt of this sort, find a way to pay.Give  honor to whom honor is due. Pay back gives you freedom to manoeuvre. Your reputation sores high and unassailable among your peers. Your confidence level becomes very high. You can have ‘mouth’ and capacity to talk on certain issues. You own no one a gratitude. If they buy you something of value, you buy them same but in a different form but of a greater value. Don’t let anyone know you are paying back, it should be subtle. Let look at this story how a gratitude was paid without s notice:”In a gesture of repayment for help that it received during the terrible local flooding of 2008, the town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa has sent $50,000 dollars in relief funds to the Czech Republic to rebuild a flood-damaged library. Several Cedar Rapids organizations teamed up, in remembrance of the $500,000 sent from the Czech Republic five years ago, to raise money this October in a campaign called “CR to CR.””
So you see, people of Iowa understands these secrets and they knew how damaging it would have been without paying back good things done them.
There are situations where people will be in a relationship, one partner gives and give, whiles the other one is doing nothing. That is callous! If you are in relationship and you give and the other person doesn’t care in giving back in some way, quit. He is not interested. He is stingy and such a person is disgraceful to humanity. Unbalanced relationship sucks.so ladies and gentlemen ,if your partner is trying to show you some love, try and return the same love to them.

I believe we need to be wise and intelligent in the scheme of things. We should scan the environment and learn from people’s mistakes. Learning from people’s mistakes enables you to compress time. Thereby not wasting time unnecessarily .Making your own mistakes and learning from them are far costly than learning from others. Pay back every good thing done you and you will always have the freedom and the peace of mind you always wanted.


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