Let Your Pain Chisel Your Character For Good

Let Your Pain Chisel Your Character For Good

Research has shown that Individuals who have suffered most pains have contributed so much to humanity


Pain is blind. It has no patrons. The fact that one goes through pain does not necessarily mean he will benefit from it.  But it depends on how one uses pain in his achievement of his life goals. Hundreds of years from now your pain will be forgotten but the repercussions will still remain if you are not careful in dealing with it decisively now.


Our  Pain  Can  Some  Times   Have  Crippling  Effect  on  Generations


Yes, the repercussions will remain if you don’t treat this subject very carefully, and let a lone  let  you make decisions that will heal you, and not to allow the pain you have suffered to give you any  evil directions that will bring untold hardships to you and to others. Slavery was abolished long ago but the pain and its repercussions still ripples. It has made African Americans and Caribbeans more hypersensitive than any of the African descent found in Africa or elsewhere. Any little thing sparks a conflict within those communities. They are always under tension. It seems the Black communities in the diaspora are still at war with their slave masters. And their African relatives too have become so docile and so meek like a sheep being led to  slaughter. Any Tom ,Dick and Harry could colonize them and there will be no resistance to that effect .Go to the continent now and you will see how their various governments are maltreating them and looting them ,and non is ready to stand up to fight for the right of the people. All those who will fight for the economic liberation of the African people, are thinking of themselves. Any government takes them for granted and allows them to loot them and go scot free. Because there is no accountability and nobody will dare to stand up against the government of the day .If the government of the day realizes that it may lose the next elections, it makes sure that  it milks dry the country’s coffers before a new government takes over so that the new government won’t have much to do so as to be able to win the next elections .All what I am trying to portray here is that if one is not able to translate his pain into more productive  manner and deal with it decisively, he loses out in the long run. Not only the individual that suffers but also it has a rippling effect on   generations unborn . After hundreds of years of abolishing slave trade, Blacks continues suffer from its effect because the pain was not channeled into productive manner.Many Blacks then thought because they had suffered so much so they have to be spoon fed and worshiped, but they won’t have none of this. What The Blacks deed in the past was to continued whining and waiting for their rights to be given, in lieu of going to take it as their own. What they failed to understand was that nobody will ever give you your right if you are not ready to take it as your own. It will not happen twenty thousand years from now, and it will not happen tomorrow, and  not even in the civilized world. Because it is in of some evil and elite’s  interest to keep you from getting so close to your right. So you don’t wait, you go for it and claim it as your own.


The  Jewish  People  Made  Use  of  Their  Adversity


One race that has been able to handle pain productively for their own advantage is the Jewish people. Stemming from their slavery in Egypt,exile to Babylon up to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 which lead them out of their own homeland, and right up till  modern times of the Holocaust.No race have had a remarkable comeback and handle adversity more like the Jewish people. A part from Black people, no race had ever suffered so much like the Jewish people, but despite their sufferings they have made giant strides, and had learnt so much, and have proven beyond all reasonable that they are a force to be reckoned with. One group made it through pain because they capitalized on it. Another group suffered heavily through pain because they failed to capitalized on it.

 Great  Men  React  Differently  When  They  Go  Through  Adversity


A lot of men have known enormous pain in the past and still continues to suffer pain, and yet they never call for any revenge or any bitter blood bath. Have you noticed this simple occurrences in people that normally suffers from pain? look at this, people who suffers from great adversities turns out to be kinder, loving, humble and show more mercy to all.Nelson Mandela was that example. After suffering in Jail for so many years, and was released, and got into the presidency, a lot of people expected him to talk of war and bitterness; he did the opposite. Our Lord Jesus Christ when on the cross, never called for the heads of his enemies but prayed for them and asked forgiveness on their behalf. But mind you ,the fact that you have suffered from pain don’t automatically translate you to be loving ,merciful and humble individual.You decide what you want to do with the pain.Whether you go to the Jewish way or the African way, the ball is in your court.


The  Choice  is  Yours  To  Make


But I will beseech you therefore to choose spring board, the Jewish way. I guess you are still brooding over the pain your father did to you in the past or some guy somewhere.Our pain is unbearable especially when the perpetrators are close family members or loved ones. I charge you therefore that the choice is yours. But I will urge you to fight the good fight by choosing to use your pain as a motivation for a better life tomorrow…..Revenge is only good when the one who inflicted the pain is walking free, arrogantly and threaten you and others of the same pain again .Such revenge is inflicted to send a strong signal to whomever may be involved that you are not weak, and that your only goal is to prevent him from inflicting others with the same pain. And you do that with love and mercy and not a sweet revenge. If you can do this positive revenge then so be it, but if you are likely to go overboard, then leave him alone and protect yourself from another hurt. A lot of people are now in prisons for murder and so many other crimes for going overboard. But as for you, your pain must serve you good, and therefore you will expect nothing short of that. Let pain serve you and not otherwise…… Pain is neutral. You decide what to do with it. It just like money, you decide to buy a gun with it to protect you from your enemies or this same gun can be used in destroying innocent lives.




You must continue to be very careful  with what  you do with the pain you suffer, so as to gain more peace afterwards. If you want to know how strong or weak a man is, inflict him with pain. If you want to know where real character is shown and revealed, give a man pain. How pain reveals the true colors of men. I wondered and I could not really believe my eyes and my ears about the two contrasting scenarios between the uprising in Baltimore and The shootings and the massacre in the Charleston church in South Carolina. One group was calling for destruction,mayhem,name-calling, hate and war, and one group was calling for peace, Forgiveness and restraint.Oh! How pain can chisel Men’s character for good if they allow.


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