Maintaining Your Health Must Be Your Greatest Priority

Maintaining Your Health Must Be Your Greatest Priority


     Your greatest wealth is your health, stop damaging it.

Until you are short of water, you will never know its importance . So is your health. Your health is the greatest asset you have to date. If you gambled with it and you lose it, getting it back might be very difficult. People who are not so lucky dies with it. Most people behave as if they can do anything with their body and still get away with it. Eat anything, breath anything, drink anything and just think of anything, and you think it will not affect your health, it doesn’t happen that way. There are rules for good healthy living and if you abide by these rules , you will never have any problem with your health. Good healthy living has its own laws just like that of any other laws. If you want to really maintain your health to the optimum level, you must follow these healthy laws judiciously.


Researchers maintain that 70% of all illness is a life style related. How many of you reading this article can afford a kidney or a heart transplant of over $100,000 or even afford dialysis all the days of their lives .Even if you have this amount of money, it is not even guaranteed that you will have a donor, and even when you do have a donor never forget that there are a lot of complications that comes with it. Not talking about being on medication for life. Why do you damage your health by eating unhealthy foods, smoking, Drinking engaging in Alcoholism, working in an unsafe places such as radiation or chemicals dominated environment and inability to maintain good perspective of life in the name of having fun? All what I’m talking about here is only one thing, and that is Take charge of your health through vigorous preventive measures. Preventive Medicine is the best way to go.


 Here are some simple rules to follow:


Taking Exercise Seriously


Exercise is one of the most important ways by which one can maintain his health to an optimum level. To be honest with you, those starting exercise for the first time might not have it easy. About 95% of all who start exercises end up not continuing. The reasons being that exercise is a long term investment and one needs to understand these facts before he starts anything. Individuals must prepare their minds that exercise is a life time business and that it is not something that is done one ‘stop shop’. You must do it continually based on your own scheduled time.Research has it that for any individual to maintain his health, he must have made 10,000 steps every day. Which means, walking every 30 minutes a day. Proximately 3 hours of exercise every week. Mind you, before you start to engage in any sort exercise, there are a lot of things you must have in mind.First of all, the state of mind is very important. I have  always maintained that we only exercise with our minds, and  not our bodies and that the body only follows the abled directions of the mind. So to start any credible exercise, I mean the long term one ,you must first tackle it in your mind .Secondly ,you must see the doctor for a thorough check up before you start anything especially people with ballooned or bloated bodies popularly known as the obese. People with heart conditions or diabetic patients must also contact their doctors before starting any activities of that sort. Any time I go for exercise, I see so many people wearing shoes that are not meant for exercise .My problem with them is that after one bout of exercise,  they  pick up all kinds of injuries that tend to lower their moral for another episode of exercise . For you to enjoy exercise, you must have good shoes purposely meant for exercise only and nothing else. When jogging too, don’t go too fast like Bugatti or Ferrari. Since you’re not practicing for the Olympics, just go slowly and enjoy the scenery and the fresh air around you. I have always maintained that one needs to go at a slow pace, and a pace according to one’s ability. In doing a good exercise you shouldn’t   get tired. Whenever you get tired, it either means you are not doing it  correctly or you are not too well. When you start your exercise regime, the only thing that should stop you from  exercising according to schedule, should only be when you’re not too well, traveling, relocation but with that you can quickly go around the neighborhood and check whether it’s feasible to start your training on time.It will be wise to leave the exercising for another day when outside visibility is too low especially for those interested in outdoor exercises. And never forget your reflector’s jacket. It is very important because it helps any on coming vehicle to see you from afar, even in the dark. Thereby preventing any unnecessary accidents  or injuries. My experience with exercise since ten years ago have improved  my health in a massive way. The feeling of importance after exercise is over whelming. I sleep very well and have a good shape. Research has it that People who engage in exercise the more have the lowest depression rate .When you feel depress, just get to some cool place and give yourself some 45 minutes’ walk and you will see how better you will feel.


Eating The Right Foods


Obesity and underweight are the greatest health risk in both the developed and developing countries. Obesity is the leading cause of death in many countries.Obesity is gaining too much weight as a result of poor dieting. Research has it that 80% of all diabetic patients have obesity. Too much weight gain leads to heart problems, type two and three diabetes and kidney failures. I have always maintained that if you really love your life, you must not eat to kill yourself but you must eat to live. Many people seem to think that fast foods and other way side foods are delicious. Yes it is delicious but in the long run, it may not help your health. Here, I am only not talking about over weight but underweight also because both conditions affects one’s health. Eating right must be taken seriously and should be part of your itinerary in all aspect of your life because medications for treatment are now becoming very expensive than ever. I have observed one thing in Africa, and that when you’re sick and you’re poor then consider yourself as good as dead. There are no right drugs; most drugs are fake. The doctors are not paid very well so they can’t even administer proper medical practices or even concentrate on their jobs. These doctors are always on strike and giving wrong prescriptions too. If you are familiar with this environment then you will advise yourself so you won’t eat any how and you won’t live your life anyhow. Carefulness is the watch word here because if there is no savior who will come to your aid when you’re in health trouble, then Prudence will have to tell you to take your own destiny into your hands. I can’t give you list foods that are good for you but I will give you some hints that can influence your choice for good  foods.Go to the net or buy books on nutrition and read it .Go through the varieties of food stuffs, you may find some foods which are healthy and akin to your environment. Eat more organic foods and fruits. Avoid genetic modified foods altogether. You can try vegetarian foods and see if you like it. Vegetarian foods are the healthiest food you can ever find. A lot of people are always fond of skipping breakfast, supper or dinner just because they need to move faster to the office or for some business without checking whether they have eating . For you to get optimum health, you must not skip any of the course. Avoid soft drinks, coffee and soda’s altogether, they have no known nutritional values. Eating early, especially during the night, is good for your health .The best time to eat in the evening should be 6pm .Breakfast: 7-8am.After noon: 12-1pm.When you’re are late in eating and you feel like you still want to eat before you go to bed, get some fresh fruits. You should always have fresh fruits in your fridge.



What will be the use of all the monies and the wealth you have when you cannot enjoy them now as a result of some illness? Your greatest wealth is your health, stop damaging it. There are a lot of prominent people who would have loved to trade places with you. They may wish to hand over their wealth to you in exchange of your good health. If you have not thought of this, then I am just reminding you that your greatest wealth is not your houses in Chicago or Hollywood, your gold in Swiss banks or a company in Omaha but your health. Guard it. Improve it until you are no more.

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