No Room for Discouragement


One of the most dangerous setbacks for many men of ambition is discouragement. Some discouragements emanate from ourselves and with the others, from outside ourselves. But come what may, we should never leave  room for discouragement to ruin us. But the gist of the matter is that, at one point in time in your life, you will get discouraged and you will be planning to give up on some projects you will really want to achieve. You must not give in at all to discouragements, but you must push hard to pass the touch line, despite threatening failures.


Remind Yourself of The Goal and Its results


One wise saying says that when you take your eyes off from the main goal, you only sees impossibilities. You must not take your eyes off the goal that will make you all you want to be, but continuously remind yourself of the benefits of achieving that goal. Remind yourself of the wealth you will glean from the goal when it is achieved, the fame, the peace of mind that will follow, the respect, the love, and the spiritual enhancement.This should  motivate you enough for you not to get discouraged.

Understand, You Won’t Have It Easy


You must understand that, on the road toward self-made or self- fulfillment, you will encounter a lot of false feed backs, you will be lied to, you will be hurt on various degrees. The moment you understand that there will be difficulty on your path at some point in time, about 60 percent of achieving your goal is done. So anytime difficulty and discouragement tend to set in, remember that the difficulty that wants to discourage you will surely come; you must shrug it off and move on as if nothing had happened.

Read Biographies of Men of Accomplishments


A few years back when I was in school anytime I failed in my exams, I quickly go and read a story on Attila the Hun. I read how heroic he was during his short conquering of the Roman Empire, and the precepts he gave to his subjects that advises them to be weary of discouragements and for me, it was always helpful. We have millions of successful people all over, and everybody is giving his own versions of how he accomplished what he has. You will get confused when you want to read anything of everything. Pick biographies of people you admire, and those who had being in your situation before. Learn all you can about them, and then begin to start implementing those principles. But one lesson that all these biographies teaches us is that those well-accomplished guys are just like you, and what you are going through they have been there, and so you can become like them if you are willing to go through what they went through but the caution here is that the environment in which they achieved those successes might be far different from your situation, so you must then adapt to those principles but never adopt.

Stay away from negative environments


A few years back, I had a very nasty experience about my boss that I will advise each and every one of you reading this to be weary of if he really wants to defeat discouragement in his life. My former boss never say anything encouraging, even when he praises you. When he praises you, he ends up discouraging you. What he only wants is that everything should be about him and not others. Anything he sees well about you, he wants to discourage. I strongly believe he does it intentionally for mischievous purposes in other to shore up his superiority over others. He discourages you, even when you go for advice. He discourages you when you are in the office with him. He discourages you when take up a trip with him. He discourages you when you talk about your plans about the future with him. He discourages you even when you do something good for him. Such environment is too toxic for my liken, my goals and for my future self. So I resigned in other to preserve my future; my future self. If you are in such an environment you got to do something drastic to preserve your future self. It may not be some boss of yours somewhere but it could be your better half, your parents, and even your friends and so on. You must try to stay away from them if possible or you should try not to discuss your personal issues, goals, aspirations, priorities with them, for these issues are the ones that draws much opening of doors for negative people to enter ,in other to operate, and never allow people of such nature to have a preview of what is happening in your life.


Discouragement can’t be avoided, but it can be managed  in a such way that it will wont get into the way of your aspirations and destroy all your plans in the long run.

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