Obama’s Legacy Under Siege

Obama’s Legacy Under Siege



As Mr.Trump’s cabinet  takes shape,there are fears that he will implement all his promises to the end.

President  Obama is said to have told black voters in one of his  campaign trail for  Hillary Clinton that  if they dont come out to vote, and Mr. Trump wins, it would be  an insult to his legacy.In the Aftermath of Mr.Trump  unexpected victory,it threw the whole white house into a confused mood the whole week.

It was so glaring in the face of Obama when he first met President elect,Mr Trump that his countenance was really in a sad mood.I never thought they would ever meet.

Before the election, the blood bath that ensued between the white house and Mr.Trump was completely nasty.Obama said in one of his campaigns for Hillary that it would be dangerous for America to Admit Mr. Trump into the Oval office.

Now that Mr Trump is elected,and the  rise of white supremacy groups all around America, he has some job to do.

He promised to do away with all free trade agreements Obama has started, and it seems he is on his way in carrying it out.

Had promised to repeal the Obama care.

Promised to Jail Hillary..It seems he has back down now.

Had promised to Build a wall on the mexico border to stem the flow of migrants.

He is going to send ground troops to Syria which Obama was not ready to do.

It is democrats that will have to blame themselves for the heavy defeat they sustained .The democrats really did not have a formidable candidate to face off Mr.Trump.The best person with similar message was Bernie Sanders,the Vermont senator. The democrats gave too much room for Mrs. Clinton. Now, whether Mr.Trump will be able to carry out his message to conclusion will be completely made bare in the coming months.


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