Proposed Test for Arrogance : What Humility is Not

Proposed  Test  for  Arrogance :  What  Humility  is  Not

                       Having an inferiority complex in the name of been humble is the most                                                                                                                        dangerous attitude one will ever put on

The mark of every great leader is humility. Just go through all the annals of history, and you will find out that almost all of the sages and the great men who made a lot of impact were never arrogant about who they were, but humbled themselves to the service of mankind. Arrogance is an enemy to human progress, and one will have to avoid that if he is to live a life to the fullest. For this reason, we must do everything possible to allow humility to lead us in all our doings. But the problem here is that we want to be a humble individual but we don’t know how. I will give you a little test case so you can recognize one,as to whether you are an arrogant person or not, and then after that strive towards its elimination, if you have one.

Test  Case  1


See how a person reacts when hurt by action or inaction of others: The difference between the arrogant person and healthy proud person is that a person with an inflated sense of self- importance will become easily offended and will harbor a grudge for a long time, seeking how he can pay you back in an equal measure. You must understand that healthy proud person easily forgives, and do not allow himself to be easily entangled by others impression of him.

Test  Case  2


Arrogant people have sensitive egos: They are happy to belittle others and show how better they are and then when and others do the same to them they get offended and hurt and then remain bitter and hold deep seated grudges. The arrogant person’s ego never has any remedy.

Test  Case  3


Humble people, by contrasts, upon being insulted may initially be very hurt but within a short period of time he will get over it. They will think deep about the insult, and what it meant to their personal life, and how they will use their new found information gleaned from the insult to become a better person. You can’t hurt a humble person the second time. He will use every possible means to stay save.

What  Humility  is  not


There are differences between being humble and being a doormat. You should never allow anybody to tread on your right for believing in a false premise that you are being humble. You are obligated to stand for your rights, come what may. Becoming a doormat is a sign of weakness, and not humility.Having an inferiority complex in the name of being humble is the most dangerous attitude one will ever put on.To feel inferior to the other persons,demeans  your individual human value which is an important ingredient for achieving a successful life.Don’t go and follow people anyhow in the name of humility,you must benefit from the relationship eventually.I have seen a lot of people in the name of humility who don’t care whether they  are paid well or not,”licking their bosses booths” all over until these same booths were used in kicking them.


This rendition has been written for you to recognize these pitfalls that have led millions, if not billions, to their graves. You must not be a victim. If you have a quality of humility, you will go very far in life.Humble people easily forgives.That is their hallmark,and you can’t take it away from them.In other words, if you can’t forgive so easily then you have some elements of arrogance in you. Remember, arrogance is evil in every sense of the word.Arrogance deprives society of it resources through individuals.Look at how a government machinery improves the lives of its people when its drivers and its leaders are humble and ready to listen to the ruled.


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