Protect Your Dreams and it Will Make You


               The future belongs to the dreamers


We all have visions and goals that we cherished so much that we might like that they become a reality. But most of us have placed those goals under lock and key waiting for some gene somewhere to pop to us to ask what we want and then tell him all we want. Life is not like that. Probably someone told us we couldn’t achieve them or because we didn’t have enough resources to complete it.

Who told you that it will be easy? Yes it will be easy for some people because they are from a good background for example,Donald Trump inherited 200 million US dollars from his father. You can do a lot with this money you know. You could do lot even with 200,000 dollars. How many parents will ever do that, probably in your situation you are saddled with all kinds of debts and you are thinking of abandoning those visions and going after paying those debts but let me tell you that you are shooting in the wrong direction. If you are sleeping then wake up and work on your vision and goals. If your parents couldn’t give you 200 million dollars, leave something for your children. The good book says,” The good man leaves inheritance for his children’s and children.” If you lose this vision of yours, perpetual poverty and dryness shall be your portion. Can you imagine Obama seeing that he appeals much to the American public yet he refuses to vie for the Oval office because he was told it couldn’t be done? The future belongs to the visionary, and those who stay true to their goals. When you nurse your goals and it grows, it won’t let you down. But when you abandon it, you will suffer. Just keep on nursing it and you will be greatly rewarded.


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