Reading Towards Sanity

Reading Towards Sanity

The wise man reads both books and life itself…….Lyn Yuntang

When I first started my reading regime, many friends and relatives cautioned me concerning my excessive reading.They feared my dedication to reading and self improvement will lead me to indifference and insanity.

They gave me various examples and endless stories about people including intellectuals who read their way into insanity.I rejected these notions on the grounds that they got it all wrong.Pointing it out to them that if they care to know,they should cross check the kinds of book these people read and their mental states before they had their insanity.These acquaintances of mine never asked me any questions about reading or cautioned me again.Probably they are waiting for my insanity.

Engaging in much reading produces excessive change of individuals orientations or alters the way ones see’s life or think.Reading should not be an end to itself but should be a means to an end.The informations we gleaned from these books should not end there but  we are supposed to use those knowledge and information for enriching our lives.Books should be a guide to life.It should give you hope and lead you to a better living standard or lifestyle.

So many people read and still don’t see their lives changing.They still wonder whether the promises given by our forebears,that books can revolutionarise their lives are still true and sure.A guy see’s a book captioned:Think and Grow rich,Becoming Rich in 30 days or How to Get out of poverty.And thinks by the time he finished reading, all his problems will be solved.He will one day wake up from a rude shock that all his problems still remains and eventually they do.

Some of these informations gleaned from books takes time to work.There is no short cut to success.You cannot use three hours of reading to eliminate thirty years of ingrind or well rooted character.Reading works by intentional means;that is by manipulating the information to suit your current environment and experience.In reading ,you take the  important facts and leave the useless information.Research has shown that 80 percent of all the informations in books are ‘chaffs’ , they do not represent anything of value,only 20 percents are important.There is no need to cramp all the useless information in your head.In reading we draw out the principles behind an action,a philosophy or a story.The reasons why people don’t see change by what they read is that they fail to manipulate and alter information they gleaned from books they read .

This new information discovered about manipulative reading should call our attention to detail,facts not previously noticed.We should open our eyes and not just scan through what we read ,so we can fully benefit from books.The new feeling about this revelation will generate new insight of facts , will arouse our curiosity and the scale of ignorance in our eyes will fall off.

There are sections of the population who will say;“well, we don’t need to read,we only need experiences to increase our knowledge and influence.”They also say;“experience is the best teacher.”One fact about experiences , is that it does not tell us what is it that we are experiencing;things just simply happens.If we do not know what to look for in our experience, they often have no significance to us whatever.Many people put a great deal of stock in experience as such;they tend to automatically respect the person who has“done things” “I don’t want to sit around reading books”,they say; “I want to get out and do things”!I want to travel! I want to have experiences!” But often the experience they go out and get do them no good.The result often is that people who have never had these experience or people who have not been to these places know more than people who have.

Let us note something from Maxim Gorky,one of the famous writers ,Russia has ever produced,recalled the decisive influence of books;

Books whispered in my ears of another life,one that was more worthy of man than that which I was living………They showed me my place in life……..Books bred in me a sense of personal responsibility for all the evil in life and evoked in me a reverence for the human mind’s creativity.
It is with profound belief in the truth of my conviction that I say to all: Love books; they will make your life easier,render you multuous confusion of ideas,emotions and happenings,teach you to respect yourself and others, and fill the mind and the heart with love for the world and man.
Even if hostile to your beliefs,any book that has been written in honesty,out of love of people,out of good will,is admirable”.



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