Reasons Why Love Is Not Enough To Make  Relationships Work

Reasons Why Love Is Not Enough To Make  Relationships Work

What really makes relationship stronger and sustainable is respect, honesty, truthfulness,win- win,understanding each other etc.


We sometimes delude ourselves  in the common believe that love alone can save or make our relationships work, but that is a pure lie. Perhaps we got all these dangerous ideas from  the movies.It portrays that the moment you have feelings for someone, nothing matters anymore.Whether the individual you have feelings for  is a thief, a dishonest person or a cheat it doesn’t matter at all.All you are concerned about is that you are in love;you are in love of being in love.You dont care about the consequences of your decisions,and you have done this several times, and you get hurt every time you go into a relationship, and you still dont know why. The fact of the matter is that you are loving wrongly.The advise am giving you today is that let it go those wrong view on love.On this platform I will show you how to let this wrong notion go.

So come with me to the reasons why  love is really not enough to make relationships work.


Love is not enough


In a functional relationship, love or for want a of a better word emotions is never enough to sustain any relationship. The feeling, the emotions and its results will not make it work. There are more important ingredients that make relationship sustainable of which love is not included. What really makes relationship stronger and sustainable is respect, honesty and truthfulness.


Win -win


Every good relationship is anchored on win-win situations. And have nothing to do with love.Every relationships that has no roots in this principle will not last long. Relationship based on win-win, means everybody is benefiting from the relationship. At the end of the day, everybody was happy with what he got, and not one sided. At the end of the day, every complains was addressed. Every fight was settled. Everybody was satisfied. Not win-lose where you won and the other party lost or that you lost and other party won. Good relationships are not run like that, not even in business.

In contact with your ex’s


If a relationship would not work in the first place, coming back again will not make either better. So checking up on your ex’s and entertaining them is a waste of time .If former lovers are still talking, either they never fell in love or  are still in love. Stay away from your ex for whatever reason that  may be.Concentrate on the new person in your life, and make it work.The  adage that, “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”  is  a bad philosophy. How will you feel when you are dating some one seriously and his or her ex always come calling, do you think you are being fair to your partner? You may think is nothing but what about your partner who is hurting in side. Do you know the kinds of doubt you create within your partner which is likely to destabilizes your relationship? Stay away from your ex, because your ex’s are capable of destroying your  relationship in no time.Even with that kind of behavior of entertaining your former lovers,love can’t save that relationship from collapsing.


Sharing private matters to your partner 


If you are in a relationship and your partner is not ready to share his or her private matters with you or keep things to herself, it means he is not ready for a sustainable relationship. A relationship where one will have to force a partner to open up, cannot be a good relationship. In a good and a functional relationship, the partners share their thoughts, how they feel in a giving moment without any restrictions.Love can’t  solve that but total trust can do the trick.

 Understanding your partner


Trying to understanding your partner’s point of view will be one   of the greatest success chalked in your relationship. Trying to understand, though you really don’t get him, goes a long way to bridge the gap between you and your partner in a more satisfactory manner. Remember you were raised from different backgrounds, have different tastes, have different likes,  lived in different environments, and  exposed to different kinds of knowledge and experiences. Patient is needed here to make the relationship work, and not love


Fellow infinity thinkers,Good and strong relationships are built not  on love and feelings, but built on mutual respect, mutual  understanding ,sharing private matters when needed,staying away from your ex,paying more attention to the win-win situation.These are the ingredients that make a strong relationship, and not  a mere feeling.


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