Reparation For Slavery:A Legitimate Claim?

Our pain in the past should lead  us not into hate and relishing revenge, but rather make us  more
wiser and  humane to our fellow Africans  which will eventually  lead to real justice,freedom and total
economic emancipation for all.


Some historians who have no idea about Africa’s glorious past before the tragic and embarrassing trans-Atlantic slave trade, say that the slave trade rather did Africans good .They have forgotten so soon that Africa had produced great Empires like the Egyptian empire, Ancient Ghana Empire, Songhai Empire, Mali Empire that became the every envy of all European  kingdoms.It was once said that the richest man ever lived was called Mansa Musa.He was the then ruler Of Mali Empire. He was worth 500 billion dollars.He had so much gold that when he was on pilgrimage to Mecca, he gave out so much gold as a gift to the pilgrims that gold became a common commodity, and the price of gold  fell so low that it took ten years for gold to regain its rightful price. Does this gesture by Mansa Musa paints a gloomy picture about Africans in the past? Their common arguments was that Africans were dying of hunger and diseases, and that they just came for a rescue. It is very laughable and a share ignorance for them to even direct their arguments in this direction. There was nowhere stated by any historian or a noted African folk tales that point to these facts except one tribe in Ghana called the Gas who claim they suffered some famine during their earliest migration to West Africa, and it shows in their annual festival they celebrate, and they’ve christened it as, “hooting at hunger”. This,hunger issue by the Ga people, was an I isolated case.Earlier European explorers never gave any hints of meeting a hunger stricken Africans,when they first had contact with them.Until the first trading post was established in the Gold Coast and the rest of Africa ,not even the imperialist and the colonialists gave any hints of Africans dying of hunger and of diseases. Africans were self-sufficient. Africans then were peasant and subsistence farmers, where they farm throughout the year,because of the good weather. They had a system called NORBUA (the act of helping one another), where the whole village will help one person in his farm and then moved on onto another farm until everybody in the village is helped. This practice is still done in rural Africa .The produce from the farms are kept for storage , few are used by the household and the rest were sold .In fact Africa is full of rivers and good soil with thick forest that can hold any tropical crop and can provide all what they needed throughout the year. The health care system of Africans , then, was very buoyant though it wasn’t like the European style of Health care system. The reasons why many missionaries died in masses was because many white missionaries refused to take African medicines when they caught any disease, especially Malaria.They completely did away with African medicine, branding it as fetish. Africans were very healthy and no doubt very strong and robust. So nobody should think slave did the continent any good or the slaves themselves. The whites and missionaries who survived diseases. assimilated themselves with the African community. They used African medicines when they were sick, and so they lived. I will love to ask this one question to our African detractors that if indeed Africans were dying of diseases and of hunger,then  the population of Africa will not reach about hundred million before the slave trade even started? One criteria for a slave trader to buy a particular  slave is that the slave must be healthy,and so if millions of slaves were carted away from the shores Africa, then there is no doubt Africans were healthy. We all know that every population grows in a location where there are better standards of living: Good health care system and enough food to feed. It was slavery that threatened and affected Africa’s food security. Many African folks were kidnapped or abducted when they got to their farms. At the time, Africa was of thick forest with heavy Trees.The strong men and women who knew the arts of farming and understood the nature of African environment were all carried away beyond the shores of Africa. I believe it was after this episode that West Africa recorded the great famine of which the Ga people experienced at the time.Famine happened because there was no one to work on the land and moreover, people were afraid to go out and farm for the fear of being abducted and turned into a slave.



Another school of thought with evil intent claim that Africans were already enslaving themselves before the Europeans came in. The African type of slavery was of a different kind.
The common misconceptions about Africa and slavery is that Africans shouldn’t cry over slavery because they were already engaged in the slave trade before Europeans set foot on the continent, and therefore the Europeans only came to continue what Africans were already doing.Over the centuries,  there have been invasions upon invasions of which the invaders always use policy of assimilation to control and rule the conquered. A good example is Assyrians invading the Northern Kingdom of Israel, Greeks, and Roman INVASION for which they  treated the ruled with a humane face. Africans treated their fellow slaves very well because they saw them as their own-I mean human beings. They were allowed to purchase their own freedom after some years of service. They were seen to be part of the whole family structure,but  with the European Type of slavery, it was the most barbaric and callous of all human treatment ever meted out against a particular race in human history. Africans did not sell their own, most slaves were kidnap by the slave traders, who were heavily sponsored by European traders.




Another school of thought believes that the slave trade is in the past and therefore should remain as such. It is  always right for Africans to forgive the wrong done them in  past but they should not forget what their forefathers went through. Now the threat against African people is not of mass movement or exodus of African people from their home land but Pure racism and economic exodus etc.  The blacks in the diaspora should never forget about their past. If they forget that they are Africans and that their only HOME LAND IS AFRICA, and not any other place then they are likely to repeat history. Jewish people never forget evil done them in the past and therefore are vigilant not to allow what happened to them in the past to repeat itself.



Africans are more closely link to the Jewish people, in suffering in the past,than any other race. Africans have so many things in common with the Jewish than any other race. But it seems the Jewish people are not only running but flying and leaving  Africans behind . Of late the African American relationship with the Jewish people has been a little frosty because of purported Jewish engagement in Trans Atlantic  slave trade. Barrack Obama has been touted as the Jewish first president at the white house because he was massively endorsed by the Jewish people, and they saw him as their own. Our history dated way back even before the Jewish people were even enslaved in Egypt. The Jewish had suffered mass exodus from their own home land since the time of Chaldeans up till 70AD under Roman rule. The Jewish people have suffered segregation throughout Europe in both medieval times and even in modern times as in the case of the holocaust, and yet they never forgot their home land. Our people in the diaspora seemed to be forgetting something, their HOME LAND. Some have forgotten their roots and have taken  those countries as their own. Africa is a home land for all Africans and so they should come back and build it once again like our for fathers did.Our pain in the past should lead  us not into hate and but make more sympathetic, wiser than ever ,and to make us  more humane to our fellow Africans  which will eventually  lead to a better standard of living and to make Africa better place for all. Our pain shouldn’t lead us to bitterness and hurt but it should be a spring board for success. Africans too also suffered in the Nazi era. Africans equally suffered the holocaust. Jews and Africans were christened the lowest of the lowest of humans. Since then The black man has not recovered.The Jewish has recovered.




Germany paid 80 billion dollars to the Jewish people for the holocaust and now Greece is demanding reparation from Germany for their occupation during the second world war and they are demanding over 250billion US dollars compensation .Japanese were paid 20,000 dollars each for those who suffered from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster. Canada paid 240 million dollars for locals against several violation committed by their for-fathers.Japan paid over billions dollars to Koreans for their war crimes.  There have been a lot of debate going on within African Americans society and  Africans in the diaspora about whether the Reparation should involve real cash. Many experts on this issue have made their opinion known. Some say the damaged caused by slavery can’t be quantified in dollar terms and so giving out cash is tantamount to a gross disrespect to our ancestors and their
Memory. Another group say that if cash is to be given out how is it going to be shared? They want to know how the former slaves’ linage can be identified.


Research has shown that, every year 2% of all black people marry whites and so some experts believe that a time will come when reparation will no longer be an issue. I say, it will be an issue because reparation is not only a racial problem but a cultural and systematic one.Moreover, the 2% of racial mixture is not enough to change the resolve for the reparation. What is so surprising and  amusing about all these confusions is that the colored ,the half cast and the molatos are the ones calling and agitating for reparation.




There have been several programmes that the Jewish people have instituted in helping their own people and even their own home land, the Land of Israel. The Jewish should never forget their own brothers, the African people. The African suffered segregation as the same as them.It seems the black man has not recovered from the past. They should never forget the black people.They should give them a helping hand so that they too can stand on their feet too.



Infinity Thinkers(The Fraternity) therefore calls on all the perpetrators to solve this issues ones and for all.All nations involve should come to gather and  create a fund that will pay off the former slave descendant and those who matter.Just recently,I heard  Britain is thinking of this reparation issue.I think is of right direction.



The Fraternity call on all the Africans in the diaspora to come back home and help their mother land. For she cries for her children to comeback ,she longs for them.




One message the Fraternity(Infinity thinkers) want to give to all African leaders is that Africa is in shortage of
good and skilful leaders and it’s affecting the Africa’s socioeconomic status in a more dangerous manner than ever. They  should therefore create policies that will give all the black Americans and others in the diaspora who want to come back home  free citizenship without any restrictions.Apparently, there are huge restrictions for acquisition of citizenship in various parts of Africa. Let us allow them to participate in our politics, so they can bring to bare their experiences.

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