Suffering Does Not Necessarily Lead To Wisdom

Suffering Does Not Necessarily Lead To Wisdom

Suffering is part of life,the earlier you accept this fact the better.


For me, one of the mysteries of life is suffering.It seems some people have strong will despite great adversity while others get so much broken that they lose all hope and courage despite assurances.Some section of the population who had endured several sufferings of great magnitude ranging from broken heart ,rape, maltreatment, insult, molestation ,sickness,wrongful incarceration and detentions, and many more in the past,have gotten their lives  changed from bad to worse; the loving and the kind persons they were before the incident normally changes drastically to worse. They don’t trust anyone any more. They have drawn into themselves and have become very cowed ,and they are no longer as lively as they were before. They’ve lost all hope to life and therefore some wish they were dead; few succeeds in committing suicide and those who are afraid to die stay in their own world of sadness and despair . The question is why do some people get so devastated by a calamity, learn from it and pick themselves up as if nothing had happened and move on onto success? While  others get so much broken and hurt that they never recover? In this rendition we will try and answer this mystery.

You Must  Intentionally  See  Opportunities In Pain


Life gets better as we grow, and not only that we grow but we are expected to grow through our experiences and pains. But it seems some people’s suffering make them more bitter to the core about what they had gone through over their past lives. I have always said elsewhere that our suffering is a gem of opportunity for advancement, but you can only benefit from it if you’re capable of seeing the opportunities that present themselves in it. For any opportunity you fail to see, you can’t benefit. It said that people lose opportunity.No, no one loses opportunity, it is taken by someone who is well prepared .


Suffering  Is  A  Signal  That  Something  Is  Wrong


Pain is like the proverbial sayings during the earlier Christian church and it says that, “the Rock that brought salvation, this same rock causes men to stumble.” Suffering is a clear indication that something is wrong and that one must attend to it and solve it or else it keeps on fighting for your attention till you see it and listened to it .Suffering is a signal, an alarm that keeps on blaring . But if we continue to allow the pain to pin us down and incapacitate us from going to the right direction then someone who is able to ABSORB and defeat his pain will rule you. It is you who will decide whether you will use this pain for success or you will use it as a stumbling block and then cry your head out till you lose focus on the most important things of life. Suffering operate in such a way that if you don’t take care, may make you lose hope and render you useless. So you must develop the firmness of mind that you will never allow suffering, whichever way it may come to, to stop you, and that you will learn from your Sufferings and it is only on the issue of learning from your suffering will that lead to wisdom.After attending the call of pain and suffering, don’t let it end there but you must put certain measures in place to prevent another occurrence.

You  Must  Create  Meaning  For  Your  Suffering


Suffering must have a meaning to you before you can fully benefit from it. The reasons why people don’t fully benefit from suffering is that they don’t make meanings out of it, whatever trivial the sufferings may seem. Putting meanings into the suffering helps you examine the possibility of a way out. Placing meaning on it gives you satisfactory outcome of preventing another suffering of the same magnitude or even a higher one from occurring. Suffering in itself always demands meaning. For life to be meaningful, ONE MUST EXPLAIN WHY ONE MUST SUFFER, EVEN WHEN HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG TO WARRANT IT.

With these truths, it could be reasoned that there is much more than just the acknowledgement and acceptance of suffering. Specifically, this last truth may imply that it is better to embrace suffering and make meanings out of it, and this wisdom is perhaps an additional step closer to achieving the peace of mind we all aspire.

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