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  • The Focused Mentality: How To Remain Focused for Life

      A focused life is a purposeful life During the medieval ages Alexander, the great, decided to attack the British Isles so as to consolidate his power over the entire known world as the conqueror and the emperor. Knowing too well how great warriors are the Britannia’s, and how dangerous they could be to his […]

  • You Are The Next Big Thing The World Will Want See, Prepare For It

    For all you know, if you will be a little bit wiser and take risk and dare more, you will employ your employer one day   No one knows the future. We can only determine it by our share goals and visions.And hoping that these visions and goals will materialised. Most great leaders and great […]


      True success lies in finding your talents and abilities,working on it and managing the  success that comes with it without allowing it trappings to dissuade you from your original goal. Do you know why  within the last hundred years, humans have made so much progress beyond every generation expectations that preceded it?In the past, […]

  • The Greatest Success Secret The Rich Don’t Want You To Know

                                                     Your success reflects you   One thing  I have observed about success is that success is fluid and it takes on the character of its owners.Your success reflects you.It depicts what […]