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  • Common Attitudes That Will Ruin Your Life

      It  is  better  to  have  nothing  to  eat  and  have  your  peace  of  mind,  than have  enough  to  eat  and  have  no  peace  of  mind. There are so many attitudes we acquire consciously or unconsciously  that tend to destroy  us when we lose guard.Did I say “When we lose guard”, well,because there are some […]

  • Why Some Women Will Never Get Married

      Research in the US has shown that (55%) of all black women, followed by U.S.-born Hispanics (49%), Asians (39%) and whites (34%) will never get married. The reasons,which I think are unreasonable, stem from cohabitation, education, racial marriages etc. I’m not really sure of Africa’s own, since the research data is not really available. […]