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  • True Prosperity

    A poor man is he who is materially rich and yet he is dissatisfied with what he has got because he wants to have more to the neglect of the most important things of life of which relationship is the greatest. During the  September 11 attacks in the US , a research was conducted on […]

  • You Are The Next Big Thing The World Will Want See, Prepare For It

    For all you know, if you will be a little bit wiser and take risk and dare more, you will employ your employer one day   No one knows the future. We can only determine it by our share goals and visions.And hoping that these visions and goals will materialised. Most great leaders and great […]

  • If You Get Wrong With This You Are Done With Life

      Woe unto any man  when he is in trouble and will have no one to motivate him and to spur him on. If you will observe life  very carefully,it seems some people get so much broken and even commit suicide when they encounter some resistance along the way to their success.Whilst others will go […]

  • Maintaining Your Health Must Be Your Greatest Priority

           Your greatest wealth is your health, stop damaging it. Until you are short of water, you will never know its importance . So is your health. Your health is the greatest asset you have to date. If you gambled with it and you lose it, getting it back might be very difficult. People who […]