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  • True Prosperity

    A poor man is he who is materially rich and yet he is dissatisfied with what he has got because he wants to have more to the neglect of the most important things of life of which relationship is the greatest. During theĀ  September 11 attacks in the US , a research was conducted on […]

  • The Slave Trade: Africa Did Not Betray Her Own But She Was Helpless

    Most of the Negroes shipped off from the coast of Africa are kidnapped -Dr. Alexander Falconbridge A lot of misconceptions are being peddled around within the circles of Africans in the diaspora about the slave trade which seems to implicate our forefathers .These falsehoods tend to blame Our forefathers for their involvement and complicity in […]

  • Reparation For Slavery:The Unresolved Issue That Still Haunts America and The West

        We must all understand that the black man is a tired giant, and has always being in a hypersensitive mood and very confused since the end of slavery. Until the black man goes back to history and correct the wrongs done them, they will never have peace. In 2013, at the UN general […]