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  • The Path Of a Genius Is a Lonely One Indeed But A fulfilled One

    If I will become eyes to the blind,feet to the lame,voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless, and that will make me lonely in the end, I opt for it. I have read so many great books on great men, stemming from great political leaders to inventors. And  I have noticed a trend […]

  • Do You Want To Have Overnight Success? Read This

      Good and effective Communication is the only tool that can give you success overnight Can you imagine if Barack Obama did not know how to communicate, I don’t think  he  will be the president of the United States by now.I don’t think Winston Churchill  would have become the UK Prime minster,if he did not […]

  • 12 Special Quotes That Will Spice Your Life

    These special quotes are very insightful and helpful,just memorize and meditate upon them,it will change your life for the better.They are twelve, specially selected for you.Just read them below:    No one can last forever.We can’t,the other side can’t.It’s merely a question of who can stand it any longer.The one who must hold on any […]