Take The Risk And Start Your Own Business

Take The Risk And Start Your Own Business


 It is better to live a jobless life and have a peace of mind than to be a CEO  of a  fortune 500 company

with full of fear and anxiety.

If you don’t own the job you are doing now, then you’re an outsider. You must stop being a Slave to Someone in the name of making a living. It is sometimes very shocking and embarrassing  when one  goes to an interview as a professional, and someone with no experience in that field  will be in judgement sit of him to determine whether he gets the  job or not.


Triviality  Is  The  Order  Of  The  Day


I quiet remember a few years back, I had the opportunity to have gone to several job interviews of which none of the personnel’s had any Idea about what they are interviewing me on. After many gruelling and unnecessary questioning, they just live you with more frustration and more hopelessness than before .There have been several occasions that the job owners even threatens the job seekers to do their unnecessary bidden for the job they are after. Just look at stress that one will have to go through to even go for some useless interviews that will eventually not land him any job. Triviality is the order of the day in most firms when it comes to hiring. Many incompetent persons are in “judgement seat” for the competent people. All because they have the power to appoint and disappoint. Under normal circumstance or on a real level playing field these so called interviewers can’t match you in terms of competence, intelligence, strength and tenacity. You are far superior to those who sit in “judgement sit “of you. The only reason they sit in “judgement sit” of you is because they hold the job and they own company so they decide, and you are not.


Some  Job  Owners  Conduct  Interviews  To  Make  Mockery


Let me tell you this simple fact about their way of thinking of you:do you know that  many interviews you attend,the interviewers know that you’ve qualified for the job but it seems they want to make fun of you? They just place the adverts and just call people for interview so they can have some fun to while away some time.I have heard so may stories of this nature.many women complaining of a promised job for sex. This very issue is very prevalent in most developing nations where labour laws are weak,so they take advantage and do what ever they want to do.


 Stop  Spending  So  Many  Years  In  One  Company


Those of you who are working in companies for as long as 5, 10-20 years and have no Idea of quitting should rethink their stands. Let me tell you, if you have no substantial Shares in the company you are working for now then you are an outsider. If any downsizing comes up, you will be the first to be affected or you will be the first to go. They can just call you any time for dismissal and nobody can say anything. As our current age wore on, the capitalist have gotten some ways of weakening the labour unions, and these job owners have capitalized on  these  weaknesses in gagging these advocates.So relying on the labour unions as a safety net for your job is no longer feasible.


Never  Think  Your  Boss  Think  Of  You


The smiles he smiles to encourage you to work more  is not  a love smile.Those smiles are not that he loves you so much that he smiles at you.But those smiles are a hypocritical one.Make no mistake to this effect.Make one mistake in your business dealing and all hell will break lose.You might be always stricken with fear of losing your job one day because you were giving some indications some years back and you survived, and so this time you think it might be you.That kind of anxiety and fear of losing your job is not good for your well being.It is better to live a jobless life and have a peace of mind than to be a CEO  of a  fortune 500 company with full of fear and anxiety.Let me tell you, the job owner never thinks even one bit about your interests. He only sees you as a necessary tool through which he can achieve his goals. He sees you as a tool to be disposed off if it’s no longer serves the purpose of which they’ve engaged it. Some companies have been taken over by hooligans and people who have no respect for anybody. You get into their midst, and you   lose your sense of respect and yourself respect, all in the name wants to make ends meet.

Some  Bosses  Derive  Happiness  From  Making  Others  really  Unhappy


Some bosses are real sadist.So long as you work for them,forget about happiness .You will see honourable men in their suits beaming with radiant smiles but when they get into their offices then all the smiles just vanish from their faces. Many people are being subjected to verbal abuse, physical abuse and some are sexually assaulted by their bosses every day, all in the name of earning a living .Some useless bosses who are not wise enough to open their own companies or businesses just talk to their workers anyhow just because these workers want to earn a living.But I believe you deserve batter and more than this.

 If  You  Don’t  Have  Any  Substantive  shares  in  the  company ,  You’re  an  Outsider.


I have just painted faintly what really goes on in the so called corporate world. My fellow brothers and sisters, I will say it again, if you don’t own the company, you now know that you are an alien and you have no part in the company’s future. You have just become like someone waiting  to receive a handout from mean people; people who only think about their self-interest and nothing else, and whom after you’ve worked, find it painful to pay you. In some part of Africa and elsewhere, most working conditions for workers’ are nothing to write home about. To some, it takes months before they get their pay and some, the safety measures are too poor that most workers get injured and  even die out of their wounds.But these guys whom they work for are living comfortably and living like sultans in their little palaces, and claiming things are not good. But to those who continuously work for them just lives impoverished lives, all in the name earning a living.

You  Must  Make  Up  Your  Mind  To  Start  Your  Own  Business  Now


You must make up your mind now. I know some of you may be saying in their hearts, “if we are to take Don’s message to heart, where then do we start from. For we have been working in our companies for so many years?” The answer is that you know what to do, but you are afraid of failure.You’re afraid of the unknown. You are afraid that things may not work out as you planned. You afraid that when you leave your comfort zone you might not get it back. You afraid of losing face. Stop thinking that way. Yes ,where you are planning to chatter is an uncharted waters for you but that is not a big deal at all. Because the business you want to go into, there are people there already….Go in there and learn all there is about the business,if you are not already experienced in that field . You can probably pretend you want a job and then offer to take no pay for some months, and then know how the business works. I have observed a lot of people doing that in my country.Never go into business you have no idea of. Learn of it first hand before you invest your money and time into it.And never go into any business you don’t love. Go into something you love doing. Probably a hobby of some sort. You know, people who are experts in something now, began it as mere hobby.Eventually, it turns out that it is their hobby they turned it into  businesses they own now. Be trying your hobbies too, who knows, it might turn out to be your real profession. You must try several things before you succeed, but the best is to learn quickly from someone who knows the business first hand .Don’t go into selling of second hand spare parts if you hate the smell of an engine oil. You must decide now so you can be your own man.




In other to for stall any embarrassment in the near future and being jobless of some sort, start thinking of your own business. I have seen so many people working so many years and were dismissed for some useless reasons. Don’t let that happen to you. Start taking risk and becoming more daring. Research has shown that about 80% of all rich men in the USA are business owners.By owning your own business, you are able to put your brain to work.You make all the decisions.You are able to experiment all the ideas you have which is not normally common in traditional companies.The crust of the matter is that if your investment is not in, then you are out. You will be the first person to be axed when any thing is to happen to the company. The reason why little children and incompetent fools will sit in judgement of you is because you have  not dared enough to start your own business.Start now,don’t wait for any retirement package or being sacked before you start thinking of business.Start early and Start fast.

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