The 5 surest ways To Know You Have Found Your Love 

The 5 surest ways To Know You Have Found Your Love 



 If all men will listen to their intuitions, in the choice of their marriages, they will never make any mistakes

Many individuals going to the altar get worried,  and wonder whether they are making the right choices; choices that will liberate them and make them happy someday. For when they think of committing themselves to something that will eventually ruin their lives, send some chills through their spines and makes them lose courage.Even when all the clergymen and the counselors assures them, they still wonder whether they will be happy with the one they are marrying. It is always difficult for them, for no one knows tomorrow, as they whisper pain of fear silently in their hearts. Their sights and ears are on the ground with anxiety of this maxim,” lovers today, and enemies tomorrow, “and it never stops haunting them. For they had seen so many lovers who had wished they did not take that journey.Many clergymen and certain men in society, when given a chance to divorce, it is believed that about 98% will file for divorce within 24 hours but because of their positions and statuses they have found themselves in, they will not. They always beat their chest that if they knew what they know now, they will never had married their partners. One may ask, why are infinity thinkers always discussing  relationships? Well, for your information, relationships are the bedrock for all successful living. For you to be really successful, you need a strong loving relationships that backs you. Achieving a good relationship with your partner is the hall mark and the highest of all human achievements. It said that when you succeed in everything, and you fail in your relationship, you have failed indeed.

 How will you then know that you have a right partner, besides all the criteria’s you have learnt on this great platform? To be honest with you, all those criteria’s are not enough for you to have a good marriage. You need something more that will make it  complete. You can have all the signs that you have a good partner but people do change, and for this reason, you need to pluck every hole to prevent ‘worms’ from feasting your relationship. These five signs below will help you escape any mistakes dressed in a sugar coated manner but inside, full of poison.



The first assurance that you are in the right relationship is that your partner is patient with you, and you are patient  with him too. You may not have grown to his level but he is patient and waiting for you to grow up. You are also patient enough to let him in, and growing up with you. He is patient with you in every sphere of your life, and you will know it. It comes naturally as you grow together. There are no criticisms and no mudslinging but even if there are, he quickly comes back to make things right.

Incremental  Love


I saw one white couple on a T.V. a few years ago who were riding bicycle together. They were tourist who came into the country, and they looked so old,and were in their seventies. The journalist wanted to know  more about them, and so directed the microphone to the man. The man quickly shifted the microphone to the woman, for the woman to answer all the questions. She did. The journalist always sees them together in the neighborhood, and it baffles him. It baffles him because he didn’t see why at this day and age, whilst many older men have taken the time to pursue younger women, he still hangs round with this old hag. But there was one question that journalist wanted to allow the man to answer himself. He asked him, “Sir, don’t you get tired that your wife always follows you around with her bike and everywhere you go, I have seen you several times? He smiled and said, “Every day I fall in love with her, I can’t allow her to be off my sight even for a minute”. This scenario is an example of an incremental love. Many couple choose not to Mary again when their special ones die. They get hurt so much that they believe no one can replace them. Some even become so sorrowful that they die out of sadness. So what account for this, where people love themselves so much that they want to die with their loved ones? Whilst with others, they hate their partners so much that they don’t want to see them again. So what accounts for this? The reason being that they grew together in love. And as they grow, their love grew. Only few attain this status because they found this clue;growing in love.Such love looks like the obsessive type of love which cannot be erased off entirely as the two grow in age together. And remember it should be mutual.For no love, can survive on one feet.



He is protective of you. He is too caring, and he is watchful of you to make sure you are happy and you don’t make much mistakes, and are safe. Sometimes, these protectiveness can be misunderstood by some ‘onlookers of the relationship’ or even the couples in involve but eventually, the understanding comes.

The  Intuition


Intuition represents two main branches in our lives: the radar and the rudder. If all the breaks of your life fails, this INTUITION will never fail you.This intuition will never let you down. Many fail utilize its full potentials because they have not taken the time to develop the intuition to a state where they can fully benefit. Intuition as a rudder. Steers us away from wreaking our souls on the iceberg of life. It steers you far away from risk .Intuition as radar makes you tune in into the infinity and the future, to know what risks are there on your path.When your intuition is quiet, and never raises objections, it means you on the right path. Sometimes it rises objections for you to correct some mistake or some misconceptions along the way. The intuition will try to give you a lot of signal for you to stop what you are getting yourself into. Many times, the intuition will send information to the subconscious mind to warn you by giving you bad dreams repeatedly about what you are getting yourself into, and the choice you are making. If all men will listen to their intuition, in the choice of their marriage, they will never make any mistakes. Many people seem to suggest that those who had got a good marriage are lucky? Not at all, but they gauged their choices with their intuitions and when they merged without conflict and  they hit the mark.

Having  Some  Level  of  Peace  Within


Last of all, I want to ask you this one candid question. Are you happy with the kind of relationship you are in now? I believe people who will say “NO” will be more than those will say “yes”. The straight forward sign that you have hit a jackpot is that you have peace, I mean total peace within yourself that you are with the right person. You are totally convinced, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you are with the right person. Well, some time you may feel a little bit uneasy about your past and the past of the beloved, that seem to tell you that that peace is not real. But don’t be afraid, just feel free and enjoy your new found freedom. Have fun, enjoy him or her till eternity calls you both.

To conclude, all these signs do not mean that there won’t be any conflicts or some differences of some sort. You will experience them; they are normal. Conflicts are good for relationships, for it shows things are working well or aren’t. But if you throw caution to the wind, and you concentrate all your energies on the conflicts you will destroy the relationship. After reading this piece, and you have some doubts don’t hesitate to contact a professional counselor before you make the big leap of your life. If you have already made this mistake, all I will urge you to seek a professional counselor to help you or continue working on your relationship, probably there will be a glimmer of hope for your relationship. Thank you very much for staying with me.

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  1. Intuition can be a good thing but only if it is trained well. Pure intuition which has not been educated by the rational mind is blind and following it will hardly every result in good decisions.

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