The Doctrine Of Infinity Thinkers World Wide Philosophy

The Doctrine Of Infinity Thinkers World Wide Philosophy

These are the tenets and the beliefs of everyone who believes in the philosophy of the great infinity thinking.
These are what Infinity Thinkers represents:


  • Infinity Thinkers are their own leaders, and follow others only when it suits them.



  • Infinity Thinkers know the worth of education, which school they will go ,and the profession they will pursue.This is a major  priority to them.



  • Infinity Thinkers know clearly that they must first make money, get power and then get the partners of their choice, in that order.


  •  Infinity Thinkers know too well that wealth is a tool for survival. Without money, Infinity Thinkers view themselves as naked before their enemies.



  •  Infinity Thinkers perceive  leaders, be it political,religious or any field of endeavor, to be learned men who should be able to lead well for the benefit of the led.They must offer guidance and wisdom ,but does not have any special powers or unique status. Any time  a leader goes against the very rules that characterized his leadership will either be fiercely fought against or will not be blindly followed.



  • The doctrine of Infinity Thinkers encourages questions as a way to get closer to faith, truth and facts


  • Infinity Thinkers know too well that individuals and nations are the architect of their own fortune and therefore their destiny is not found, it is made.


  •  Infinity Thinkers work to overcome their self-doubt in every possible way.


  •  Infinity Thinkers must control and lead their emotions at all times. They must determine when to feel and when not to feel, when it comes to their own emotions.


  • Infinity Thinkers must avoid all extremes at all times;should not be too stingy nor should be too philanthropic as to have nothing left.


  • Infinity Thinkers understand that they cannot always win every encounter either being in elections,negotiations or any endeavor. They know that regardless how they are prepared they can still lose in certain situations.


  • Infinity Thinkers are aware that to retreat is not to give up on some pertinent issues. But when realized that the continuance with a particular battle or a goal will result in further loses or total depletion of their resources, they will back-down and return another day.They will make sure they will salvage all the necessary resources quickly as possible.



  • Infinity Thinkers beliefs that  no one has the right to take someone else’s life,either in the womb or outside the womb.Unless one’s life is threatened and he does that as a self defense.


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