The Focused Mentality: How To Remain Focused for Life

The Focused Mentality: How To Remain Focused for Life


A focused life is a purposeful life

During the medieval ages Alexander, the great, decided to attack the British Isles so as to consolidate his power over the entire known world as the conqueror and the emperor. Knowing too well how great warriors are the Britannia’s, and how dangerous they could be to his vision.He decided to do something drastic to avert any failure of some sort.But one thing stands on his way; his men loses focus so easily during wars, and that worries him .So he needed to do something fast or else victory would elude him. He then thought of devising a plan and a strategy in decimating these Britannia’s in their own home turf. He needed his men to have a new mentality in facing these Britannia’s. In his campaign against the Britannia’s,he thought that his men needed a different way of conducting this particular war.He realizes too that his men needed a total paradigm shift.He then ordered all his men to burn their ships. And he told them about how if they refused to be focused, then they have nothing to ran to since all their ships had been burnt. They went ahead fought with bravery, courage and most important of all, they fought with clear focused. And they did win.

How  To  Remain  Focus


For any man to achieve his goals, he must have the capacity to develop a very strong mental capacity for focus. The moment you start losing sight of your goal, the indication is that you are losing focus. Take some people goals away from them, and you will render them useless.Goal empowers people and makes them feel alive. It makes them feel that they are humans and therefore feel like contributing something to humanity.Anytime you divide your attention on your goals you lose the power of your focus,an important ingredient in achieving your overall goal. Never support any body’s vision except it will further your own. If you support someone’s vision,and leaving your own in the shelf, you divide the power of your focus and makes you lose steam. You must focus all your thoughts, your sight, your strength in making your dream a reality.

*You  Must  Have  One  Single  Mindedness  In  Pursuant  Of  Your  Goals


In achieving your goals, you must firmly engraved it in your mind that you are not going to entertain any Plan B along the way when you encounter any diverse adversity. Plan B is only used within the goal in achieving the overall goal.But when your plan B is abandoning your overall goal, it is then that you are considered a failure. Your purpose is to win at all cost, and you will never stop until you win. You will stop at nothing at achieving it. In your quest of  achieving your single mindedness on your goals, what you do is to think about your goals every seconds, minutes, daily, weeks, years and even decades, until you win.

*You  Must  Be  Aware  Of  The  Difficulty  On  your  Path  To  Success


Every goal  you put before you,has challenges embedded in them. Your  inability to see and envisage  these difficulties ahead, and understanding it, can make your success journey a painful one.You must see clearly or envisage these problems that may present themselves. Envisage those elements that are likely to derail you from getting close to achieving your goals. Some of these difficulties may be your own doing, probably your own behavior  seems to get in the harms way.You must do something about it very quickly, so you can quickly re focus.Some may be resources you need in achieving your goals, find it.


*You  Must  Cultivate  Love  For  The  Goal


You cannot bring any goal to fruition, if you don’t have passion for it. If you are not doing what you love then I will offer you this suggestion:you must choose a whole new goal. Because you need this “love” for you to remain focus on your goal.without this “love”, you will never achieve anything worthwhile. So pursue your goals with earnest love, and you will remain focus.Many people don’t understand why they can’t focus or concentrate on their goals. Their minds keep on wondering and wondering, without any rest.One of  the common reasons are that they don’t love what they do. Love what you do. Love your goals. And I bet you, you will never lose one second of focus in the pursuant of your goals.

*You  Must  Not  Declare  Victory  Too  Early

Any time we start chalking little successes, and things begin to improve, the surest temptations are that we think we have already reached the threshold of success. We throw caution to the wind and start jubilating.After a little upheaval our weaknesses are exposed heavily to all, and then all our successes are rolled back.But it should not be so. You should only declare victory when your achievements have been well grounded, and have a well rooted foundations that can withstand enough adversity for a long time. It is then that you declare a victory.Declaring victory too soon makes you lose focus.Check that, and don’t make the same mistakes as others have done in the past. You must learn from others mistakes, so you don’t become a fool by  learning the hard way.

* Conclusion


We all have goals that haunt us, stare at us in our faces every day when we look at the mirror or when we see our friends, saying,” a achieve us or else we die with you”. Could you imagine if Thomas Edison did not focus on his goals for his various inventions or what about Mozart with his wonderful classical music’s? Could you imagine Bill Gate deciding in the past not to focus on his Goals or the Right Brothers refusing to focus on inventing an air craft as compared to Langley who lost focus along the way? The world would have been a very boring place to live in;a very tedious place to live in if all these great men,inventors  lost their focus a long the way.Remember remain focus, sleep in focus, wake up in focus, until you win.For no great man ever lived achieved anything without focus.


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