The Greatest Success Secret The Rich Don’t Want You To Know

                                                 Your success reflects you


One thing  I have observed about success is that success is fluid and it takes on the character of its owners.Your success reflects you.It depicts what you are really made up of.One great aspect I like about success is that it reveals cracks ,weaknesses and strengths in ones character.Everybody wants to be successful and famous ,and even envy people who are deemed to be successful .But when we go deep down into their very lives,we will realize the frustrations they had suffered in the past,the sleepless nights they had to endure,the hunger and the set backs they had to contend with.There are few attributes that runs through successful people .These qualities I have observed runs through these gurus:Rockefeller,Bill Gate,Mark Zuckerberg,Steve Jobs etc.They have certain qualities and attributes that separate them from non achievers .In fact you don’t need to reach the stage of Bill Gate and others, before you will seem fulfilled.You only need to copy and imbibe  these qualities and then contribute to humanity’s development in your own small way. Who knows, your contribution might become bigger and be recognized in a massive way like the successful people gone before us.When they first started, nobody told them they will reach this pedestal,though they saw it clearly that they could become someone of value.So let us get into detail of what makes successful people different from their counterparts.

They Have Definite Purpose


If every attributes will elude Successful people, then having a definite purpose or a goal is their anchor.They start with clear intentions of their goals, with no iota or no shred of vagueness.They have clearly in their minds what they want, and they wont stop at it until they get it.They do not allow temporal or huge setbacks to confuse them in other for them to give up.

They Know What It Takes To Get What They Want


Successful people are not oblivious of the price they have to pay for their chosen endeavor. They have the detail in mind about the likelihood of what will eventually constitute their success.That is why they have so much in terms of staying power.Let me tell you some of the price you will have to pay for being really successful in your field:You will have few friends.You will not be able to enjoy a normal family life. You might have children, but you will be a strange,remote, absent figure. Your family will not be able to rely upon you to attend weddings, funerals,birthday parties, concerts, plays and school open-days. Sometimes you’ll be there – most times you won’t.You will be under regular government surveillance, including the monitoring of your telephone. Why?Because money equals power, and a hundred million (for example) is a lot of power – almost enough to destabilize the country.You will work 12 hour days, 350 days of the year. You will eat, live, sleep and breathe your project.Every second spent away from the office or factory will seem like agonizing torture.You will be sued, attacked, spat upon, and will receive regular death threats, many of which are credible. You will require several full-time office staff to reply to the sacks full of whining, begging letters you will receive, to field the hundreds of weekly calls from charities and to stave off the hordes of religious fanatics entreating you to give up your ‘evil’ wealth and discover God.Most people you meet will be consumed by cancerous jealousy and hatred no matter how much they
smile and praise you to your face. They will also not know or understand the price you paid to achieve
success. They will think, and sometimes even say to your face, that you were ‘lucky.’ To them, wealth is
just a lottery – an accident which happens ‘to’ some people and not to others, for various mysterious,
unfathomable reasons. In their eyes, you just got lucky and now you are flashing it around.

They Are Dedicated To A course


It was said that Thomas Edison tried over ten thousand times before he was able to invent electric light bulb.Just recently,the BBC(British Broadcasting cooperation)Wanted to know which Scientist is the most influential and had influence more  technological advancement, and had change the world. Guess what,it was Thomas Edison.Not only do I admire Thomas for his energy but his resolve in not  giving up on the slightest setbacks.One morning,Thomas Edison was in his bedroom and heard his wife screaming,”fire! fire! fire!”He runs to the voices direction.As he got closer, he saw his laboratory in flames.He tried all he could to salvage something but he couldn’t;not even a pin was salvage.He stood there and all his assistants were encouraging him to rap-up.He brushed them aside and said,”with this fire,all my problems and frustrations have been burnt down,I will start a new”. After this episode in Thomas’s life he went on and held a world record of 1093 patents.You will have to find something that engages your attention throughout the day.Something that fascinates you.Find that thing, and be dedicated to it ,and one day you will be one of these famous gurus.The reasons why so many live a life of mediocrity is that they are not dedicated enough to a course.Williams Sisters are very dedicated by practicing almost 16 hours a day, so we are not surprised they’re doing so much by winning a lot of laurels.

They Take A Calculated And Manage Risk


Thinking positive does not necessarily mean you should not be thinking of an alternative plan.This principle always holds that if things goes wrong what will you do?Do you start again or you forget everything altogether?Like Langley after several attempts to invent an air craft,gave up.If he had made an alternative plan,he would have been the first man to have invented an airplane ahead of the Wright brothers.He had sponsorship from the American government.He had all the necessary resource to have invented the airplane but his problem was that his risk plan was very poor.Successful people have a very strong risk management plan ingrained in their brain.Those who cannot, allow someone to manage it for them.They do it through Hedging or insurance.As someone who wants to be successful should think like one.

Avoidance Of EMotionally Attached Mentality


Every  real successful person has it on the back of his mind that he came to this world with nothing and he will leave with nothing.He knows too well that all his wealth can be lost within some space of time through some unforeseen occurrences.Though he will do his best so that such fate do not occur.All what I’m trying to say here is that these guys are not emotionally attached to their wealth.That is why they normally give out a lot of their monies away to charities.They take risk in moving their stocks to a different place without having any remorse about it.People who are emotionally attached to their wealth will keep their stocks without selling them until it loses its value, then they start shifting them after they’ve lost it all.People who emotionally get attached to their wealth get killed or lose their peace of mind in the long run.Those who are really attached to their wealth are always worried about losing their wealth.In the year 2009 downturn in the USA,Bill gate lost about 7 billion dollars and yet it did not shake him one bit.

These guys won’t tell you what makes them successful, because that is their trade secret.You need to observe them like the way an eagle focuses from a far and then pounced on their prey.That is what you must do.You will have  to develop an insatiable hunger for information about what they represent and this fact  will lead you some where ,some few years to come.

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