The Law Of Sowing And Reaping May Seemed Not To Work But Do Not Be Deceived



It seems not all men sow what they reap: Some righteous men get the reward of the wicked; whilst the wicked gets the reward of the righteous.

Our religious books tell us that when people do the right thing by not hating, not cheating and not committing all the seven crimes prescribed by certain denominations, then they will live a good and a happy life.They will be prosperous and live a fruitful life because they lived good lives. Whenever things seem not to be going on well with a religious fanatic ,the blame is solely laid on the door post of his God.As it is of the norm, it is believed that God might be punishing someone for some little sins he committed some years ago without any notice of he sinning. I have seen great and righteous men going down with the wicked.And one will question nature’s ability to save his own.To save those who  sow righteous deeds. Some righteous men live all their lives on the hope that their God will save them and nothing happened, and yet  wicked men continued to thrive and live happy lives. Some innocent men are languishing in jails for not committing any crime, they were framed up, and yet those who committed those crimes are walking free, committing the same crimes all over. I have seen righteous men who have refused to commit certain governmental crimes and yet Law Of Sowing And  Reaping kept quite for them to suffer for their refusal to commit those crimes . I have heard of innocent souls who had nothing to do  with a particular crime their leaders  committed, and yet they have to pay for their leaders sins.They were bombed for no wrong done. And those nations that bombed them, went scot free  and the Law Of Sowing And Reaping never said anything.They who were wronged never had  any justice. I have seen and heard, at least on TV, some leaders wanting to show how strong their nations military might were,  sent thousands of innocent citizens to their death, and  some were rendered incapacitated for the rest of their lives.And then they  still lie to them that they were only saving their nations from external threats. These leaders who sent them there lived a blissful life,whilst those went  to the war and those that the war was fought against suffer ,remain disillusioned,broken and hopeless,and yet The Law Of Sowing And Reaping remained Silent . It seems some people have developed invincibility that The Law Of Sowing And Reaping cannot get them; to be punished when they commit various crimes. Men have these solemn idea that  some men never  pay for their crimes  but you should not be deceived.


The Law Of Sowing And Reaping Seem Not To Work On Some People


Life has not ceased to amaze me, as I observe how men go Scot free despite their evil doings. And despite a promise of natural retribution. Some create so much pain for others without thinking of the implications.People commit various crimes with the believe that someone got away with their crimes  so they believe they too will get away with it.And these crime and hit makers always seem to prosper in what they  do. Whilst others who seem to love and create peace and joy for others seem to suffer loss.All the things that we see, feel, hear and experienced are supposed to have their very foundations on a subtle law. A law which is said to be slow but sure, and that is the Law Of Sowing And Reaping.We have so many natural laws that regulates our lives, some of them are law of history, which states that history always repeats itself. The law of momentum ,and it states that if you want to destroy something destroy  it in its embryonic other words, allowing a particular issue to grow to a certain level, destroying it becomes difficult. Sowing And Reaping are one of them, and it states that anything you give  to life, either good or bad, you bring it into your life. In other words, good comes to those who do good .And evil comes to those who do evil.


The Law Of Sowing And Reaping Has No Exceptions


The Law Of Sowing And Reaping has no exception, don’t be fooled. We all know that even in farming, our farmers know too well that, not all seeds that are sown even sprout. Let alone growing to grow fruits. But don’t be fooled, life is not to be seen in that manner. These laws are true and tested. They may seem not to work but they do.I have seen this natural law working on so many people and this natural law is so quiet, but very potent and ever present. These laws are everywhere. These laws have been engraved in every living and non-living in our universe. Nobody can escape this law but it seems people do,don’t be fooled. It rules everybody from generations to generation. And no one can alter it. You sow anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, lust, covetousness you will reap all kinds of troubles. Justice, harmony, love are supreme. To be patient in all circumstances, and accept certain painful conditions as part of training that nature gives you, is to rise superior to all painful situations and being identified with this principle, and everything you lay your hands on will prosper and everything that you  build will never  be destroyed. Anything you sow to life you will get it back in hundreds folds.


Your Inner Life Reflects Your Outer Life


Your inner life reflects your outer life. What people see outside of you is the reflection of the things within. Probably, the reason why you are not happy ,as an individual, is that you are not investing or sowing the right attitudes into your life. It is on this basis that you will have to invest heavily in the man inside of you. Train him to be frugal and not stingy. Train “him” to be faithful .Train “him” to be truthful at all times. Train “him” to be fair and not allowing “him” to be taken advantage of. Train your inner man to love. As you sow to into your inner man,you will begin to see that your outer life will start changing. If you want to change anything about yourself, don’t change your looks or the way you talk or walk but change the inner man first. Many men I have observed in this life, seek to alter the effects of their problems. They tend to work so hard on the fruits instead of working  hard on the seeds.They  love to dwell more on the cosmetic works rather than tackling the main issues.This leads to suppressing the  problem for a while, then a new  problem emerges.The old problems comeback with more potent force, and even far greater explosion than previous ones. The simple reason is that only the effects was  tackled and not the causes. This  is the problem of so many people and even nations.Reason why  people aren’t making much progress is because they are not sowing the right seeds.As you sow good deeds, you become like a magnet that attracts all kinds of goodies. All what we have become and will become is due to seeds we have sown and  will be sowing in our thoughts.




That powerful force that always seemed silent, is the director and the maker of all destinies. The universe grew out of thought. All accomplishment were first made from the thoughts. The author, the inventor, the speaker and the architect first build up their works in their thoughts and perfected  it till it became complete and usable. It is from this state of mind that all weakness and failure comes from. Every thought you think is force sent out, and in accordance to its intensity it will search for its companions which is either good or evil.Nature may seems to be sleeping but don’t be fooled. Nature will bring every evil to book .Every good done will be repaid. If nature seems to be long forth in bringing justice still hold on, justice will come.


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