The Path Of a Genius Is a Lonely One Indeed But A fulfilled One

The Path Of a Genius Is a Lonely One Indeed But A fulfilled One

If I will become eyes to the blind,feet to the lame,voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless, and that will make me lonely in the end, I opt for it.

I have read so many great books on great men, stemming from great political leaders to inventors. And  I have noticed a trend that none were ever happy to the end; they were all lonely in the end( I stand corrected  with this assertion). Was it that being genius makes them so lonely, and that nobody understood them anymore or is it that in the end their ingenuity led them into utter madness or was there  certain things they couldn’t do right that warranted them such an experience?

Adolf  Hitler


Let talk of Adolf Hitler who committed suicide in other to prevent the allied forces from getting at him after losing the war. He envisaged how disgraceful it would be if he was paraded on all street in Europe. He will be treated and dealt with exactly,I believe, like many leaders such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Gadhafi of Libya. Adolf Hitler though, I do not support him of the nefarious activities he meted out against the Jews, but I do admire him of the way he shaped the German psyche, and made them think that they could rule the world. And in the process he unified Germany and made her a powerful nation that was felt throughout the known world, and even up till today we still feel his impact by weakening the then British empire. Which led many nation to ask for their independence from Great Britain. As at now Germans are still profiting from some of his policies. Research has shown that most of the Nazi guys stayed in power after the war, and  helped build Germany of today .His policy on the Jewish pogrom  was evil and barbaric, and that should never be allowed to be perpetrated anywhere, on a particular ethnic group or any other race, in the world.

Joseph Staling


Look at Joseph staling the main architect of Russian supremacy of today, died a lonely man .Nobody dared to even get close to him when he was screaming for help. He was once heard as saying that, America is ahead of Russia of some years and therefore needed 10 years to catchup. He sacrificed over 20 million of Russian citizens and claims he used 7 years to get at power with the USA. Without Staling there will be no Russian supper power Status. He made Russia what it is today. When The Germans storms Moscow and besieged it for several months, and when the blood of Russians were flowing, and when there was no hope and everybody was evacuating from Moscow, Starling refused to leave Moscow. But stood on his grounds and commandeered the war effort until the Germans were thrown out from Russian soil.

Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill the Second World War hero, the then prime minister and the defense secretary at the time of the political history of the empire. In his last years, he was always in in a room worn out of years of hard work, stress and some ailment. Was all alone quiet and lonely. Billy Graham once visited him in his queer room, quiet and lonely. It seems the whole world has deserted him, and yet after he died he was buried grandly and the whole world mourned for him. Without Winston Churchill being in the affairs at the time, I don’t think we will have a free world now. The allied force would never had won the war. The current world order might be probably be fashioned by the axis-Germans, Japanese and Italians and what have you. They will decide the new world order.

All these guys have great wits, mental strength and great capacity to achieve anything they want yet lacked the peace of mind they all needed. These great men will be considered under the annals of world history as genius. There is nothing under the sun that these three personalities have not seen. Is blood, carnage, atrocities, the human psyche, money and everything money can buy and yet died a poor soul. They have seen all there is. And yet they were all lonely. They came, they saw and conquered. You cannot mention todays Germany without Adolf Hitler either positively or in negatively in some sense. Winston Churchill the main architect of the Security Council in the UN can never being sidelined in his contribution the world’s development. And good old Joe Staling.Through him Russia has brought a lot of balance in the world political affairs, and we thank him for that.

If Being A genius,Will Make An Impact to Millions and Yet I will End up being Lonely,I Opt For It.


If being a genius will make me lonely ,and no one will understand me, and yet I make huge impacts in the lives others,then I opt for it.If I will become eyes to the blind,feet to the lame,voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless, and that will make me lonely in the end, I opt for it.I want in my last days, to see myself make so much good in the life of others and live for them than living for myself.If I being genius will make me foolish in the eyes of the masses  and yet  I gave some a helping hand and make people more comfortable than they were, I opt for it.If genius will make me lose my dignity for the sake of making others happy,I opt for it.If genius will make people hate me, and yet I free  others from the shackles of poverty,I opt for it.If all nations will revile me because my ingenuity is saving people’s lives,I opt for it.The reasons why so many people are dying and not making any impacts is fear.Fear of  being alone.Let me tell you,you will be alone for along time when you die so why fear of being alone so that you deprive other of good life that is due them.Get out there,step on some toes, and make the best out of the time nature has given you.And stop following others lead, and bring out the ingenuity in you.Being lonely is nothing as compared to the regrets that will follow you to your grave.The regrets of doing nothing is more painful than being lonely as a result of your ingenuity.

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