Trying to get close to someone and getting to know him is one  of the most gratifying and life changing experience that will ever occur to anyone who is serious enough about the knowing game.Business men and professionals call it networking. I call it the knowing game.It’s a game because its aim is not for you to mingle for mingling sake  but you’re doing that for your own benefit  in the long run.If from the beginning you realized that the relationship you’re trying to cultivate  will not benefit you, just drop it and go to where you will fully benefit  in accordance with your aims and aspirations.I have observed and seen great men paying huge sums of money only  to network.Some get involve in clubs such as the Lions club or the Rotary club only to network.Networking is so valuable that it can make you or break you.I sometimes get so much surprise when someone gets into a new  neighborhood and  do not make any effort to know their next door neighbor or live in the neighborhood for years without knowing the people that live around them.Even at work places, only few people care enough to socialize .Every body is trying to protect something,probably due to experiences of the past.Some may say in their hearts,”I don’t care a hoot about those dudes around me.”The truth of the matter is that you will “care”one day when the need arises but it will be too late.Living in a loving and friendly environment is always good to your health. Let me tell you something,no matter how  insignificant a person may be he can teach you something or a lesson that will lead you to your biggest break or solve a problem  that has been  fighting you for ages.Probably the person you’re trying to get close to, can also be your Achilles heel all your life, so you will have to be very careful when you’re engaging with them.It  is therefore very important for you  to be very selective when it comes to networking or the knowing game.You must  choose only those who are ready to open up and don’t force yourself on any one.We have billions of people on earth,if you get rejected by a million people,you will get a million accepting you.



Being inflexible will make you more susceptible to hate.People love individuals who open up to them and show more care.Being flexible does not mean that you should bend the rules to favor someone.But being flexible means to understand the times and being fluid with it.Flexibility means to understand people’s point of view and not arguing,and discounting their views because you don’t really understand them.Flexibility means to be one with the person in suffering so you can understand what they feel at any  point in time.Flexibility means to be everything for every body without losing your sense of value and values.Flexibility means to listen to the other side without getting confused about your own goal.The more flexible you’re, the more you will win friends,get their trust and open up to you.


Everybody you meet;in church,work,school has some valuable lessons he has picked up during the cause of his life.Some had been hurt,duped,Molested,had had great victories and successes.He wants to tell you those stories to cool off himself and to go back to the past and remember  how far he has come.So position yourself to hear them.Those stories contain a lot of lessons,rich information and knowledge that  can help you solve your own problems or someone else’s problems  on a point of call.The more you listen to them the more your relationship with them deepens and enriched, and they will see you as a good listener and they will trust you more.In our today’s world ,it is difficult to find someone who listens because every body wants to be heard.Developing the art  of listening will be an asset to you and it will take you far.


Try and know  people the best way you can:their philosophies and their way of thinking.Ask questions. Offer to buy them drinks if possible.Pry open  them in a more subtle way.Avoid being seen as an investigator.Remain interesting so they will crave for your company when you’re not with them, and be more agreeable to some extent.They may be holding  valuable information that may unlock your potential or open up certain unusual opportunities that have eluded you for a long time.Remember that it is not everybody who will open up so easily to you.Some seem to distrust people  due to their past encounters.Some may  look at you with  suspicion.But don’t worry ,you will face many obstacles but when you refuse to give up, you will eventually be the winner.

It’s not always  easy to try and know people because not everyone is going to open up to you.Some will not even be interested,  and let alone for you  to even  get close to them. Some may not even be interested at all.Understand this and walk away without shame but with your head high.

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