The Price of Envy

As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy


Joe Orton met Kenneth Halliwell at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts,London, in 1953,where both had enrolled as acting students.They soon became friends and moved in together.Halliwell,twenty- five(25) at the time,was seven years older than Orton, and seemed more confident of the two;but neither had much talent as actors,and after graduating,having settled down together in a dank London apartment,they decided to give up acting and collaborate as writers instead.
Halliwell’s inheritance was enough to keep them from having to find work for a few years,and in the beginning,he was also the driving force behind the stories and novels they wrote; he would dictate to Orton,who would type the manuscript,occasionally interjecting his own lines and Ideas.Their first effort attracted some interest from the literary agents,but it sputtered.The promise that they had shown was leading to no where.Eventually the inheritance money run out,and the pair had to look for work.Their collaborations were less enthusiastic and less frequent.The future looked bleak and bare.
In 1957 Orton began to write on his own,but it wasn’t until five years later,when the two were jailed for six months for defacing dozens of library books, that he began to find his voice(perhaps not by chance:This is the first time he and Halliwell had been separated in nine years.)Joe Orton came out of prison determined to express his contempt for English society in the form of theatrical farces.He and Halliwell moved back in together,but now the roles were reversed:Orton did the writing while Halliwell put in comments and  ideas.In 1964 Joe Orton completed his first full-length play,Entertaining Mr.Sloane.The play made it to London West End,where it received brilliant reviews:A great new writer has emerged from no where.Now success followed success at a dizzying pace.In 1966 Orton had a hit with his LOOT,and his popularity soared.Soon commissions came in from all sides,including from the Beatles,who paid Orton handsomely to write them a film script.
Everything was going well except Orton’s relationship with Kenneth Halliwell.The pair still lived together,but as Orton grew successful,Halliwell began to deteriorate.Watching his lover become the CENTRE OF ATTENTION,he suffered the humiliation of becoming a kind of personal assistant to the play wright,his role in what had once been a collaboration growing smaller and smaller.In the 1950’s he had supported Orton with his INHERITANCE;now Orton supports him.At a party or among friends,people would naturally gravitate towards Orton for he was charming and his mood was almost always buoyant unlike the handsome Orton,Halliwell was bald and awkward;his defensiveness made people want to avoid him.
With Orton success the couples problem only aggravated.Halliwell’s moods made their life together impossible.Orton claimed  wanting to leave him,and had numerous affairs,but would always end up returning to his old friend and lover.He tried to help Halliwell launch a career as an artist,even arranging for a gallery to show his works,but the show was a FLOP,and only heightened Halliwell’s sense of inferiority.In May 1967,the pair went on a brief to holiday together in Tangier,Morocco.During the trip,Orton wrote In his diary,”we sat talking of how we felt.And how we couldn’t,surely;last.We’d have to pay for it or
we’d be struck down from afar by disaster because we were,perhaps too happy.To be young,good-looking,healthy,famous,comparatively rich and happy is surely going against nature.”
Halliwell outwardly seemed as happy as Orton inwardly,though,he was seething.And two months later of August 10,1967,just days after helping Orton put finishing touches to the wicked farce(what the Butler saw) undoubtedly,his master piece.Kenneth Halliwell BLUDGEONED Joe Orton to death with repeated blows of hammer to the head.He then took TWENTY-ONE sleeping pills and died himself,leaving behind a note that read,”If you read Orton’s diary all be explained.”

I see envy as any emotional diseased disposition that has no cure,and anything that has no cure must be prevented before it takes root.We are all humans, and we sometimes feel envious of people because they have superior skills,better talent or power than us.We sometimes have difficulty in dealing with this feeling of inferiority.We wish we have those quality lifestyle or being in a place of the affluence, like the famous people around.Envy is sometimes clothed and disguised in criticism.Envy is not always bad ,you know, but may spur you on, to a greater height if you redirect or transmit it as a positive energy vibe by not allowing your ill feeling to blind your judgement, but learning from their successes as to how you can also obtain that feat.You may not obtain success as equal as him,because we are all unique with different capacities and experiences, but you can draw some useful lessons in terms of his dedication,discipline etc.

With this rendition,we will delve into Facts and Nature of envy, and strategies of dealing with this insidious and destructive emotion.The reason why I’m so concern about this emotional outburst is that,it is capable of destroying the originator and the one who is being meted out against.So if you’re the one envying,I will show you how you can use it to spur you to a greater height, and how you can protect yourself from being destroyed by envy coming from others.


                 A FEW LESSONS TO NOTE

  •  There were signs of rude comments at parties which should have motivated Orton to clear Halliwell off earlier. Any time people envy you don’t expect them to smile at you and be happy for your success.Some signs of subtle envy is some rude comments.So any time you see some of these signs from your friends,family or your political opponent or even your ally, don’t take it likely,deal with it as soon as possible before it explodes!!
  •   The diaries of Joe made it clear of Halliwell’s bitterness.So don’t wait for the the person who envy’s you so much to strike.You may not live to tell the tale as in the case of Joe Orton.Act quickly and swiftly when you see the slightest sign.If Orton had acted swiftly by isolating himself from Halliwell  he would not had been killed.
  • Halliwell wanted equality, and in the end,envy gave him what he wanted.He became famous as Orton, even in death.The moment envy moves in, in  full swing it strikes so hard that it destroys everything on its way.Don’t allow that, be on your guard.
  •  Halliwell’s attitude was hated by everyone.The moment one allows envy to take hold of him ,it eats him away.Everything he does, the emotions keep on growing against him by Halliwell’s attitude. what envy then does is that it seethes inside of you and eventually you will attack.Let envy stay far from you,for it wont give you the peace of mind you deserve.

                      SOME FACTS ABOUT ENVY


1. According to psychologist,envy can lead to depression,resentment,anger,low self esteem,frustration and stress.


2.Any time we show envy,its indicate an admission of inferiority.


3.Accept the facts that there are people who will surpass you in some way and also is a fact that you will envy them.


4.Understand that as you gain power and influence, those below,above and equal to you will feel envious of you.


5.Expect that when people envy you they will work against you seriously or insidiously.They will put obstacles on your way.They will block you on every possible paths to your Eldorado.

                                   STRATEGIES FOR DEALING WITH ENVY


*If you allow envy to go unchecked, it will poison your soul.More importantly, you can use it as a catalyst that can move you to greater ACHIEVEMENTS.

*Do not accept the facade they show you. Read in between the lines of their criticism,their little sarcastic remarks,the signs of backstabbing,the excessive praise that is preparing you for your downfall.Just steal a glance in their ferocious eyes, and you will see the resentful looks in their evil eyes.

*There are some people who creates their own down fall by arousing envy in people either knowingly or unknowingly.They make people feel so inferior and worthless,especially when something good happened to them.They want to show off and even show their real power by displaying it to all and sundry.Infact they get pleasure in making people feel stupid.A lot more people also bring untold hardship on themselves by stirring up envy in more slowly or unconscious manner.That is why one must watch and tread carefully not to arouse any envy as he moves along the journey of life.

*It is sometimes the best when you hide and disguise the extent of your skills.Don’t think people love you or are impressed by your capabilities.They seem to be smiling at you, and praising you because of your refined talent.Don’t believe them.Just disguise it and display a defect or deflect on your capabilities before they begin to find solace in envy.You should continue to be looking for signs of this nature,so you can protect yourself against your enemies.

*Try put people at ease by acting humbly,behaving as if nothing good had happened,since your success  is likely to arouse envy.

*Political power of any kind creates envy and one of the best ways to prevent it before it takes roots is to disguise your ambitions and work underground.

*Do not help or do favors to those who envy you. They think you may be trying to bribe them. First of all, flee from such people.

To end  this rendition, I want to caution all my fellow INFINITY THINKERS to be aware that some environments are more ripe or fertile for envy than others, especially among colleagues at work places ,the church, the academia and most importantly, the political environment where overt powers are in full display.Great is the man who has conquered envy in every front.What front am I talking about here?The war of envy  people arouse in us and the ones we arouse in people.We have to defeat this two fronts of war at all cost before we can fully pay for this “PRICE OF ENVY” which is sometimes very costly,as in the case of Halliwell and Orton.



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