The Search For Life Outside Our Planet: Why We May Never Find Aliens In Human History

The Search For Life Outside Our Planet: Why We May Never Find Aliens In Human History

I have written ignorantly in the past about Aliens and Africans citing some over the years without knowing what it is. And why Africans seemed to have been missing in the action of Alien citing as compared to in the USA and elsewhere, where a lot of people have claimed of citing Aliens in large NUMBERS. My conclusion was that anything that the African do not understand, and seemed spectacular are normally seen as something spiritual. I further retraited that the description given by the eye witnesses in Africa are the same  as the ones described  by other eye witnesses elsewhere, and how I believe it  might be aliens. But upon much research on this all important matter or subject, I have made my own conclusion about Extra-terrestrial life and its significance to human history and why we may never find one.
Our universe, as it is now, is so huge than one can imagine and even our galaxy can’t be identified within the universe because it’s so small. It is important to note that our universe is expanding in an alarming rate, and we are yet to find out whether there are other universes. But that task, I believe, will be a gigantic one .Our universe contains billions of galaxies. Previously, scientist thought that our earth was so special and that we may be alone in this universe of ours, but more research done by scientist put our existence here to be fearfully amazing, and that there are other planets that are far beyond our solar system which might be similar to ours which may hold life. The earth is approximately 4 ½ billion years old and our universe is purported to be 13 ½ billion years old. A new research done recently put man to be 340,000 years old in direct contradiction to biblical findings of about 5,000 years. The question here is do Aliens exist? And if they do exist can we ever have contact with them?
Apparently, there are no signs of Alien’s existence since scientist started searching for them in the mid ‘60’s until now. In the US, the public’s quest to know what was really going on about the existence of Aliens took a center stage in the 60-80’s and it became a political issue. People’s anxiety about Aliens got heightened. The then Democratic nominee for the presidency, Jimmy Carter Promised of making it public after he wins the elections. After four years in office, Jimmy Carter could not give the US public any meaningful explanations about aliens. There have been several theories and several tales that have characterized these all- important subject. People from various parts of the world have claimed of seeing some flying objects called the flying saucers or circled shaped object in the air, and therefore they believe it is an Alien space ship. In this rendition I will make it clear that even if Aliens Do EXIST it will be impossible for us to find them or they reaching us.

New  Planets  Have  Been  Found  Around  Stars


Since the ‘90’s over 1800 new exo -planets have been discovered.Exo planets or extra planets, are planets that do not obit our sun (star) but obits other stars. Normally, exo- planets are planets that are outside our solar system. Every star you see is a tiny sun in a different  solar systems. When you gaze into the stars with Alan Telescope or any other Telescope which are highly advanced, you will see tiny objects revolving around these stars. Those tiny objects are planets just like the ones in our solar system. Most of these stars are thousands of light years away or even trillions of years away from us. But because of the distance you won’t see them at all except when you use highly powered gigantic telescope like the Alan Telescope

Scientist  Are  only  Aiming  At  The  Stars  And  Not  The  Exo-Planets


We should all understand that if there are life out there, they wouldn’t be in the stars because the stars are burning gasses with high temperatures, they will live on the planets as we are. So aiming at the STAR (sun) is a project in futility because aliens do not live in the sun(star) they only live on planets. As at now there are no telescopes that only gauges exo- planets, the best they can do is to gauge the stars. Scientist cannot gauge planets, they can only gauge stars and that makes all the research exercise in futility. The best advice I can give  them is for them to device a technology that can only gaze on the planets around the stars (sun), it is then that we will be sure of finding something.Most importantly, of about billions of stars in our universe only few of about 700 of the stars have been examined since 1960.This is how research on the stars are done: The telescope is gazed on the stars for only 30 minutes and if no signal is forth coming then it is moved to a different star. And these star gazing phenomenon starts with stars closer to us, like alpha centurion. After 30 minutes of gazing, they will then move their attention to another star. Now let us assume again that 30 minutes gaze had been done and the telescope’s direction had been directed to another star and these Aliens start flashing their lights after five minutes of turning our attention to a different star, how will we know? Probably these stars will never be revisited again. Radio telescope gazes the stars per a time (30 minutes).The aliens may be looking for a brief flashes of light in billions or probably a trillion of seconds of which our current technology may not have reached. In reality the stars never and will never flash any lights, the sun do not do that either. It may be that our scientist are searching a wrong place.

Aliens Need To Gaze Their Lasers On Us  For Over Thousands Of Years, If Not A Million, Before They Can Reach Us Here Or See A Sign Of Our Existence.


Let us assume that the Aliens are aiming at us ,it will take six megawatts of telescope to reach us here of over a distance of thousands of light years and that they need to do it for a long time for over thousands of years. Even if they do know we are here, they will never commit too much resources into a project they think will not be in their interest.For no civilization will waste its large resources on a project which they think will have no immediate benefit. I mean yielding results after thousands or millions of years,no it will be too costly. Moreover, it might also be that the aliens do not know we are here,don’t even know we exist or do not want to know. So they won’t even be motivated to spend that amount of resources to that effect.

Their  State  Of  Art  Technology  May  Be  Incompatible  With  Ours.


Their state of art technology may either be far advanced stretching over millions or billions of years or it’s in its primitive stage. Our technology may be in an infancy stage as compared to theirs and vice versa .Their technological system may be different from ours. Let assume again that they might be flashing their lasers. What we need to ask ourselves now is, are their lasers comparable to ours? In terms our standards. With this I beg to differ. Because without their technology being the same standard with our own ,there is no hope of they finding us. Their mode of communicating to other planets may be far different from the lasers and radio telescope we use here .

Their  Mode  Of  Communication


Language barrier can be a big hurdle for scientist if they’re to discover an alien trying to communicate with us. What language are the aliens going to use to communicate to us is a problem for scientist to decipher, is it English,Russian, Japanese or Cantonese ?Scientists have no idea to that effect.It was very amusing during the cold war era,there were fears between the two sides especially the US as to Alien contact and there by the aliens divulging valuable information to the Soviet Union  which may give them some upper hand interms of technology. For it is believed at the  time that  the aliens were technologically advanced beings.So the US quickly signed a pact of corporation in space exploration and for the two sides to share any information gotten from else where especially if it is purported to be from Aliens.

The Distances Are Too Huge


The closest star to Earth, besides our Sun, is Alpha Centauri, and it is actually a star system rather than just a single star. This is because Alpha Centauri has at least three known stars; and unfortunately, Alpha Centauri has no known planets. Alpha Centauri is averages approximately 4.37 light years away from Earth. The closest of these three stars is about 4.24 light years away from Earth, so that is the distance necessary for any spacecraft to travel to reach the nearest star. As of now, the two fastest space crafts are the Helios 1 and 2 probes that traveled almost 253,000 kilometers per hour. We should also keep it in mind that the fastest manned spacecraft was Apollo 10, and it only reached the speed of almost 40,000 kilometers per hour. To travel 4.24 light years at 350,000 km/h, it would take a spaceship approximately 13,080 years to reach the nearest star. If we wanted a manned mission to the nearest star, it would probably travel 4.24 light years at about 40,000 km/h. This would take approximately 114,500 years to reach the nearest star. Unfortunately, I don’t think any spacecraft could support human life for that long of period of time. Now, if these aliens were to meet us today, then they should have started traveling, let assume the speed of their space ship is that of the same as Helios 1&2, about 13000 years ago. I don’t think the aliens are immortals of which they can stand such a longevity. Let assume that they traveled that far and they came here about 5000 years ago they wouldn’t meet us, probably the population might be a few hundreds’ or even tens’ located in some corner of the world where it might be impossible for any alien or extra-terrestrial beings to locate us. For they may only see vegetation with thick forest and some desert and deserted place. Even about 60 years ago when the study of this subject became a matter importance, nobody will even recognized them because at the time, our development and our technology have not even taken off yet. We should not forget too that our space exploration started a few of about 60 years ago and as I’m discussing these issues now, Astronomy is in its infants stage and there are not enough funds to support such researches, though NASA and other smaller research agencies are doing a lot in that field. Even if the Aliens detect flashes and they know we are here they can’t get to us because they need to travel thousands of light years which may translate to millions or billions of years away from us. For even our sun is about 5 billion years away from us.

Future  Projections


One question that bothers most scientist is when will be the right time for an extra-terrestrial beings expected to be found. Scientist are being very careful in giving an exact date as to when Aliens will be found. Bearing it in mind that there are so many theories going on  about people discovering Aliens. All those theories are not scientifically tested and therefore not true. According to Frank Drake a reputable scientist and one of the most respected, said from 2010 that by 2015, 2025 and 2035 may ushers us into a new era of contacting Aliens in a monster scale. Don’t confuse lack of success with lack of progress-says one scientist.Because currently scientist feel that they’ve reached somewhere with their research but they might be a billion or trillion years away from finding anything. Bear it mind that all projections our scientist are giving us are just guesses.



All those of you who are afraid of aliens or extra-terrestrial life invasion should as well take heart, nothing of that sort will ever happen. Probably nature has placed us far apart to prevent any universal war which may be disastrous to both ends. I will end this rendition by quoting some verses In The BOOK OF JOB of the Hebrew Bible and the old testament of the Christian bible,” But now ask the beasts, and let them teach you; And the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you. “Or speak to the earth, and let it teach you; and let the fish of the sea declare to you” (Job 12:7-11).All what this quotation is talking about is that it is only nature that can teach us about this universe and not scientist guessing or using hypothesis to just confuse the masses. I know they mean well and we should support them,probably they might find something in the near future.


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