The signs He is A good Guy

The signs He is A good Guy


Ladies listen, whenever a man begins to reveal his inner most weaknesses to you, marry him.

There are many reasons why people enter into a fresh relationship and they tend to waver. Many had been hurt so badly that their next relationship becomes a tug of war. They tend think that what happened to them in the past might happen to them again. So they tend be extra careful, especially when the other person is forthcoming a little bit faster.

To love is to expose your inner weaknesses, your fears, your worries and secrets to the other person in question. This makes the ability for one  to love again very difficult because they don’t want to expose their weakness or who they are to anyone for anybody to take advantage of them. By exposing themselves to the other, will make them look more uglier than necessary so they keeping on puffing themselves up to prevent any leakage of their weaknesses, their fears and doubts to their new found lover. They want to maintain clean sheet of strength and robustness. But the fact of the matter is that no matter how you behave in your relationship some of your characters, behaviors and attitudes may leak one way or the other. Only a strong man can cry in the presence of his woman. Only a strong man can reveal his weaknesses, fears, and doubts to his woman. Ladies listen, whenever a man begins to reveal his inner most weaknesses to you, marry him. Such men rare to find. If he is not ready to do that let him go. Love is a risk but take it any way. Probably you have been hurt several times and you are even afraid to take the next steps. Don’t be anxious, take the next steps, but learn from history. Allow yourself to go. Probably you are afraid if you allow yourself to go, you will be hurt again. Take this risk but with caution.

The signs He Is a good guy

He Must Be patient with you


Good guys have patient but normally, they are not too much patient with the statuesque .They have some level of patience. They won’t force you into doing things that might jeopardize the relationship. They might be impatience at times but they will always come back to where they all started. They will be patient with your weaknesses, patient your behavior. But understand that patient has its own limitations, please don’t stretch it beyond that point or else the whole thing will backfire.

He Respects You


Any man who claims he loves you and has no respect for your opinions, your ideas, your philosophies and even your religion, don’t have you at heart, break up. He must respect you and then give you all the respect you need. He must respect you enough no to date another woman besides you. He must respect you enough to respect your love.

He  Honors You


Any man who cannot honor his woman is not really ready for any relationship.He must try as much as possible to make his woman happy…..He must be there for her at all times,if possible


Probably you have  expose so much in the past but just try one more time but with caution and with much wisdom in the signs above and you will never find yourself wanting.


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