The Signs That You Are Dating A dangerous Narcissist

The Signs That You Are Dating A dangerous Narcissist


          The more you love the narcissist the more they hate you.

Dating a narcissist is very dangerous. This type of relationship is very dangerous. It is dangerous because it will eventually destroy you. It will destroy your peace of mind. It destroys your emotional health. It makes you doubt your sanity and even wonder whether you alright. The problem with this type of relationship is that you think you are the problem but meanwhile, the major problem lies elsewhere-the narcissist. These are the early signs you must look out for before you invest your time, your emotions and your resources which these narcissists need seriously to survive.


This narcissist depends mostly on you for everything. They influence you in parting away some resources to their upkeep. They will never part with anything they consider valuable to them. You will never get a  cent from them so long as you remain with them but they will always want to take something from you.

They are ungrateful

The narcissist thinks the world owes them something. And they will take it no matter what. They don’t care whether you get hurt or not. They will take it when they want it.

They will never sacrifice for you

I heard a story where a newly wedded couple got an accident. After the accident, the woman who was a covert narcissist got out of the mangled car, checked whether the husband was dead. Without any emotions, left the husband on the accident scene, and came back home and slept.they will stay with you so long as you provide them with something. The moment the supply gets threatened, they will start looking elsewhere.

They are incapable of emotions

They have no emotions for anybody. Their emotions are dead. They don’t care about you or anybody. they sometimes show some emotions but only to fool the people around in other to hide their true agenda and nature. All they care about is what they get from you…

Pathological liers

They lie and lie until the lie turns into a supposed truth. Anytime they do something, and they get caught they will do anything possible. They will never admit they are in the wrong.

They cheat.

The hallmark of every narcissist is that they love cheating. They can cheat and cheat without being found out. They can cover their tracks so well that it will take a keen observation to catch them or a professional to get them.

Unfortunately, this relationship may be very addictive. A relationship that destroys your self-worth eventually keeps you from being free. Even after getting out this toxic relationship, you still have to grapple with a broken soul, bitterness, hurts, and if you are not that careful, you will never recover. If you are already in this toxic relationship, just see these signs and recognize it, and quickly ran before you get destroyed.

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