The Signs That You Are Not Meant To Get Married

The Signs That You Are Not Meant To Get Married


Some dudes are simply not meant to get married- their characters can’t simply support any good relationship. 

We have so many marriages breaking up here and there destroying lives especially children. Research has shown that when marriages break up both couples are seriously affected, and then the children are very much affected too. Many people do not really know they are really not meant to get married. Some can be worked on psychologically but some it’s ingrained. But when you judge yourself with these signs and you are really not meant to get married, please stay back and don’t go worry anybody. Stay true to yourself and listen to what your heart tells you, and not the society .The society may force you against what you’re not meant to be, but when you are not meant to get married let them know and be true to yourself. Signs that you are not to get married are broad and I cannot cover them all here but let us get down to some of these signs and see where we fit in.

You  Have  No  Sexual  Feelings


It will truly surprise you to note that not all men have sexual feelings, even with the opposite sex. Some got this malady as a result of being born with it or some as a result of some ailment or some accidents they had some years back. Whatever the situation may be, it’s not workable, stay single.

You  Do  Not  Love  Children


Your ability to love children is a hard work to do. The cries, the crawlings around you, and the ups and downs management these of little ones are tiresome and very difficult. But seeing children grow to be like you or greater than you is greatly satisfactory and exciting. Not everybody finds this exciting. They hate the cries of children, they even hate the very sight of them in all directions. If you are in this latter category, don’t venture in getting married. Because in your marriage, children may come in and the children may need your love, and if they don’t get that from you, you destroy them. Unloving babies do no grow well. So if you don’t love children but your other partner loves children there will be a huge rift, and a huge crack in the relationship. So if you want marry, make sure your other partner shares the same feelings and aspirations with you. Or if not, back out. There are couples who agrees not have children. well, that is their choice and is an exception.

Character  Traits


There are some characters and behaviors traits, no matter what, will never sustain and grow any meaningful relationship. This problem is not a curse from the gods as some Africans may believe. These are our own  individual doings.A few years back, there was this guy in our area who got married. When I heard of the marriage, I smiled and said to myself that I don’t think this guy can sustain any meaningful relationship, if he is to maintain his current attitude. I traveled and came back, and I was told he is divorced. I asked what happened and I was told he gagged the wife at the least chance. He scrutinizes the wife’s mails here and there like the NSA checking in the mails of email holders. He stopped the wife from going to work because he does not trust her . He treats her with disrespect as if she is a slave. All what I noticed about him was that he believes that everything should be about him and nobody else. In any working and fruitful relationship, absolute trust, hope and security is THE hall mark. If you cannot trust him/ her let her go. Some individuals have so much insecurity that they don’t want their significant others to make any friends.They are Selfish, uncaring, unforgiving, hate and envy.These are the cancers of relationship. If you have these in full measure you cannot get married. If you want to work on it, fine but if you are refusing to work on it then stay away from any relationship.

Hate  Of  The  Opposite  Sex


If you have a strong inclination that you cannot stand the sight of the opposite sex, and you really wants to get married then you better think about it again because you will starve the relationship with love. Or chaos may emerge in the relationship. If you have this inclination, please contact a psychologist or stay away.

Scared  of  Marriage


If you are scared entering into any meaningful relationship leading to marriage, either you work on your fears or you quit altogether. But you got ask yourself why you are scared of marriage. Asking such questions may help you face your fears. Talk to a friend, probably your fears are unfounded. Or  again,you should see a counselor or a psychologist.



Marriages are not meant for children, they are for the matured minds. Marriage is for people with high emotional stability, With some resources, clean and neat, and a  good ripe age and people who can take care of themselves. If you don’t have these, stay away for you are not meant to get married.



It will interest you to note that a lot of people are married, and are hurting their spouses so much so that it is tearing apart the whole relationship because no one told them the truth about themselves. They were not meant to get married but were forced to. Now divorced, and wounded, with all kinds grievances that will not go away too soon.Consider all these seriously  before you take the bold steps.


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