The Thought About Life:What You Should Know About Love

                 If you love yourself, you only accept the best and nothing else

As a young man I have had a little bumpy and rough ride when it comes to relationships in the past. Something our education systems never made provisions for, and so we were forced by circumstances to get things right. When we were younger, we dreamt of growing up so quickly and marrying off some nice girl. That was all the dream we had. We were not taught of how good relationships were cultivated. We were left to the ‘wind’ to fend for ourselves though we were not really equipped to the task laid before us. I have observed that we spend all our time going to school so we can have some profession. But the most important profession, that we all cannot run away from is the relationships we cultivate. Upon all the degrees, and the PhD’s we pursue, we eventually come back to’ roost’; we want to get married and have children. Research has shown that 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce. So we try starting something, and then we end up destroying the very people we love, and our own by our share ignorance. I have made a few observations about love and what I wish I knew before I left school. Let get down to work, and I hope you learn some valuable lessons from it.

Know  Thyself


This phrase was popularized by Socrates, one of the wisest man ever lived, though many philosophers have quoted this sayings before him. Often we do not know what we want in life. We allow people to tell us who we are because they have observed certain patterns of behavior we  have exhibited now and then, and we also want  to be accepted so we conclude that this is how things are supposed to be. If you fail to know yourself, you will live a life of  lie, all your life, and be tossed around like a chaff. You living according to the dictates of society will not end you well. Our Lord Jesus Christ knew the importance of knowing one’s self, and asked his Disciples, “Who do people say I am?” And they gave HIM all kinds of funny answers, only one gave him the right answer. Knowing yourself keeps you in perspective, it helps you to know what you can do and what you can’t.

Love  Thyself


You came to this world alone and you will go alone. You came with nothing and you will go with nothing. The past is only a memory(that is why Joe Stalin  said,”the past belong to God”), the future is only a trepidational expectation, and the present is what we live now. The fact of the matter is that if you do not love yourself, you cannot love anybody. If you love yourself, you only accept the best and nothing else. If you love yourself, you will never allow anybody to treat you badly. I sometimes observe some ladies and gentlemen in a relationship who are being verbally, physically and emotionally abused and yet they claim they’re doing it for love. They eat any how, and are addicted to certain foods which they know is not good for them. Loving yourself is to do things, only, that will make you happy in the long run.

Not  Everybody Will Love You


In fact people who will really love you in your lifetime are very few. When you find such people don’t let them go. In your lifetime, only 5% of people will really love you, no matter what. They are the group that will go through thick and thin with you.5% will make it clear to you from the beginning that they don’t like you, and  will try at length to make your life impossible so far as you’re within or without their sphere of influence. The other 90% will pretend to love you. So you see, those who are against you are more than those who love you.Understand this, and you will know how to carry yourself in this jungle warfare.

Love  Can  Make  You  Bitter  Or  Better


Love is just like  Uranium. You can either use it for warfare purposes that will destroy people’s lives (LIKE HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI)or you can use it as a Power generator that can light a whole city ,and power industries for a better standard of living. If you don’t handle love carefully, you will regret it all your life. If you look into  your relationship and you don’t gain anything quit.

Preservation  Of  Your  Resources


The first sign that people don’t really love you, but are just pretending to be in love with you is that of the usage of your resources. Anybody that really loves you will not misuse your resources.

Never  Force  Anyone  To  Love  You


When you have to do everything in the relationship whiles the other partner does nothing; you do all the calls, you do all the planning etc. His REFUSAL to respond to all your gestures is a clear indication that his not interested, and therefore he is being forced to love you.Remember this common saying, “if you beg someone to love then you will have to beg to maintain the love”. Just wait and be patient the right one will come.

You  Will  Always  Attract  Your  Own  Kind


One wonders why we continuously attracts people who really don t love us, though we desire the otherwise. The fact of the matter is that, you chose him and nobody forced you. So check out your criteria very well before you do another search.


These are things I have learnt about love.I believe we deserve better as  individuals.we need to learn all we can about love.We need to know what makes the individual  happy,thick and thin,and even ourselves.

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