The Time Has Come For Africans To Keep Self- Seeking Leaders Out And Far From Corridors Of Power

The  Time Has Come For Africans To Keep Self- Seeking Leaders Out And Far From Corridors Of Power

 African ruling elites are not interested in the development of the nations they rule or are there for any economic growth, but they’re only interested in the maintenance of power; how to stay in power for a long time.


The struggles African people are confronted with, are huge and more formidable than our colonial masters. The scale of destruction and looting of public coffers by the ruling elite is too much that if we don’t do anything about it now, it will make us more of a slave than our fore father’s suffered in the slave trade. This issue is so serious that we must not allow politicians to do more harm than they have than in the past and continue to do. We must understand that the African ruling elites are not interested in the development of the nations they rule or any economic growth, but they’re only interested in the maintenance of power; how to stay in power for a long time. They only think of how they can stay in power to loot the state coffers, by riding on the back of ethnicity and cronyism to the utter deprivation of the common masses.

 Africans Struggle Is Against Their Own People


Our struggle now is no longer against colonial INTEREST  but a struggle against our own people; a selfish people, who have no conscience whatsoever. We have sat for too long to allow infidels to rule us and to toy with our national aspirations. We must work to liberate our souls and that of others. We must work and fight for the common good of our  people. There’s now a new threat in Africa of which its activities are becoming more dangerous than our colonial masters. We must fight to the core. We must take the fight into their back yards. We must not allow them to take us for granted. We must put them on their toes. We must not leave such a responsibility to the so called Opposition who are there for their own parochial interest; such groupings should never be trusted.

Most African Politicians Think That They’ve Been Elected To Power By Providence And Not The People Who Voted Them In


When  African leaders have the strong believe that their status was influenced by providence , and not by the  will  of the people then they  wouldn’t mind looting the public purse.That is why so many African leaders don’t care about the people who voted them there.We demand that if they cannot alleviate the sufferings of the people, then they must stand down for more serious ones to take their place. There is a new threat to Africa’s development and that is unsympathetic nature that politicians put up when they are in power. They have no sympathy for their own people who put them there, they think they are there because they are born to rule; it is their destiny to be the leaders of their nations. This philosophy is the most dangerous and a threat to the very existence of the African people. We must fight to eliminate political elites with such a dangerous philosophies  from corridors of power so that our people will have some respite.

Exploitation Of Africa’s Resources And Its People Are As A Result of Democracy Being Practice Currently


There is a new threat in Africa where leaders are in bed with some Western corporations to ruin the economies of African states as result of Tax evasion,bribery and corruptions to obtain huge contracts, and financing of political parties for their personal gains under the pretense of Westminster Democracy. We must keep self-seeking leaders out and far from corridors of power. We must also understand that Africa is far behind in its developmental agenda and it seems, since independence we have been going nowhere. We must not accept such excuses anymore, we don’t want mistakes. We keeping doing the same intentional mistakes over and over, thus rendering the masses poorer. When the elites or the ruling class create the mess, it is the common people in the streets that suffers. How many political functionaries in Nigeria had been attacked by Boko Haram, none. It is the people in the street who suffers; the common people who have no say in the governance systems of the states. I declare to all  Africans that they have the power to continue to accept these thieves and the enemy of economic progress or hurl them out of the way. Africans need a new political reforms, new mentality and new ways of thinking, which is akin to our aspirations. The time has come for Africans to get leaders who will not take them for granted.
Independence was fought by market women, drivers, Civil servants and handful of elites but after independence, what do we see, nothing!!

African’s Must Not Wait For The End  Of  Tenure Of A government  To Demand Accountability


We must not wait for four years to demand accountability, if there is one, but we must demand it now.
We must demand true and tested, unwavering and a righteous government. We must demand the right to be truly governed with truth, Social justice, the will to protect the disadvantage in our societies. We must demand a sympathetic government who truly understand the people and their plights. We must demand total security within the boundaries of Africa and elsewhere. We must demand economic freedom from our governments and not allowing them to stay in power for too long especially when they have nothing to offer. We must demand that a well doing governments should serve us until we are tired of them. If Africans are not ready to be alone, and to go alone, they will miss  another fifty years of their existence as a nation hood . Africans must demand the right to be governed well and not wait for elections, which will be too late. Some of our leaders have lost their ‘legitimacy’ to lead us into economic emancipation. we must stop injustices done by our various governments. We must force our governments to uphold social justice, to shun corruption, to reject demands by western governments under the guise of human rights and free speech. They have destroyed nations for wanting to have total control over their natural resources. We must not give them the luxury of any collaboration .No doubt  we know they have all the state of art technology but we must pave our own way and determine where we want Africa’s future to be.

Africa Can Only Be Developing By Africans


We must know that Africa belongs to the African people and we are the only ones that can develop it. We need all hands on deck to come together to eliminate the sufferings of our people. It is in the interest of some nations for us to remain divided. Let us come together for the sake our suffering masses.Africans should be united in their common suffering. We should come together for the sake of posterity .We shouldn’t allowed to be divided. We must stop the lies being peddled around on political platforms. Every politician must be held responsible for any lies peddled around before,during and aftermath of elections. Africa don’t need IMF bailout or any western interventions of running Africa Economies. We must stop the wastes in the system that tends to rub us of our ability to develop. Our current crop of leaders we have in Kenya,Zimbabwe, Ghana,Nigeria,Somalia,Djibouti and almost all the African States are not aggressive and have developed a sense of apathy concerning government businesses. They’ve lost their credibility and have no principles that holds them to accountability. We must demand the kind of government we want and not wait for some ‘stomach’ politicians to come and impose their ideologies on us.

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