The top 22 rules of life

The top  22 rules of life

These are simple but secret fundamental rules of life that can dramatically change your life if you follow them. Just commit these words into your heart, and see how your life changes.

1. You must always endeavor to inspire generations, and not to conspire against it.

2. Man is weak, and so you don’t know when he is going to betray you. You must keep watch. Even your best friend can be your sworn enemy.

3. We must always be matured enough to finish what we started. Except that the project is no longer in your interest.

4. You must not allow your mere differences to destroy what you have worked for, for years.

5. Reading is good for the writer in the sense that it improves his imagination and his vocabulary. But the most important of all is to avoid mistaken other’s voices as his own. To Recognize voices, not of his own.

6. The future of the human race lies with non-violence.

7. In other to defend, you must first attack.

8. Neglecting history is the only way to repeat it.

9. Those who die with unfulfilled dreams do not get salvation.

10. A person’s success depends on his determination and unwavering belief in himself.

11. Change is the rule of nature. Always look for the opportunity to change, not for the worse but for the better

12. Doubt lead to answers.

13.The greater the disaster, the braver the warrior.

14. Fear is futile, it is courage that will help you.

15 Unwavering faith in your abilities is your strength in times of hopelessness

16Never  put yourself into a situation where you will speculate.

17. Courage cannot be forced on anyone it is in the blood. And if it is not in your blood, learn it.

18. The decisions made by the heart is influenced by what we see and feel. The decision of the mind is influenced by facts and doubt and fear. Choose the ones that best suit the occasion.

19. When you meet two rights, take the one your heart chooses.

20. The one who has betrayed you before can betray you again and again. Study him and keep watching until you are satisfied before you give him your confidence.

21. Love life, and it will give you all you want. Hate it, and that is that.

22. We will all die, but do something for your memory.



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