The Will To Live

The Will To Live


Providence should be your motivation to live, and not anything else.

A few years back, I visited my grand mum on her death bed in a hospital gasping for air to live. She was old and feeble, and had seen life in totality. In her few years to live, she never mentioned death, and she scolded everyone around her who suggests to mentioned it. She hated anything that signaled death around her. She loves going to parties and weddings, but not funerals. She hated the very sound of ambulances. She never talked about anything that will make her think that death was near. Nobody knew why. She had diseases that incapacitated her for years,and  that made  her to use wheel chair till she died. And when she knew that all her body structure were being ripped off by diseases of old age, she still hoped that a miracle from her maker will sail her through so she can be strong again. She would have hoped our lady of Akita and Guadalupe, if she was a catholic, would have saved her.


There was a man I have seen from afar, and I admire him so much, and keeps me wondering what makes such a man want to live this life though he struggles to live. He sits the whole day and had been doing nothing for nearly a decade now. He was virtually burnt down by gas inferno from his sister’s kitchen. The whole body is actually burnt to a degree that is unrecognizable. He has no money to go to the hospital to do skin Grafting. He is being in pain for a decade now. I was told he doesn’t sleep in the night, always screaming. Yet this man, every morning with his cloth wrapped around him, walks about and want to live.  I really do not know what this man has seen about this life that keeps him going .I do ask myself why can’t he give up,like many others have done, on life to end this suffering.

Probably, he is waiting for death to come and take him since no one has the capacity to help him alleviate his pain. Or maybe he still hopes someone from somewhere will have mercy on him, and will issue out the money to help him cure his ailment. Or may be because of someone he loves so much still keeps him here-children, brothers and sisters.Probably, these loved ones makes his life a worth while;that is why he still wants to endure the pain to continue seeing them. Or his faith in providence has prevented him from doing the unthinkable-committing suicide like that of others in same situation.


I don’t know what is motivating you to live right now despite some pain or some hurdles.But let us have  some sober  reflections about our lives too. Probably you have not sat down for a long time to quietly think through about all these. The reality of life itself is seen in totality in the end of it, than that of the beginning of it. Let us reflect on our lives what motivates us to live our lives to the fullest. Everybody has something that motivates him to live. If he loses that will, he ends it. If you are still confused about what motivates you to live then let me hold your hands through these rugged and the meandering roads to help you redirect your mind to the most import things of life that must motivate you. Probably your will to live is all ,because of your children, and so if anything is to happen to them, then it means you have nothing to live for again. May be your will to live is for the sake your spouse, and so if anything is to happen to them you will have nothing to live for. May be all your hope is hinged upon someone coming to save you from some issues and when it doesn’t happen, then what are going to live for? May be your will to live is hinged on your job, so if you are laid off, will that be your end?It will even surprise you to note that someone will to live is because of some special food he cant take his eyes off.One american soldier was interviewed on the war front in Afghanistan about what is motivating him to come back home.He screamed and said,”I miss my shrimps and that nice chicken barbecue ,I cant wait to go back and enjoy them again at that local restaurant in our area.” Humans as creatures are so mysterious that it will surprise you to note that little, little things that you think are unimportant can be very important to some one.And when you mistakenly touched them, could lead to someones to death.

Follow me and I will show you where you can totally place your motivation for your will to live. Your will to live should be ingrained in THE HIGHER POWER.Providence should be your motivation to live, and not anything else. He created you (if you believe in that), though you were not informed about your coming to mother earth, but before you realized you were here. Just let him be your motivation. Let nature be the reason why you  have not committed that suicide and still a living. Let the universe be your motivation for your endurance in pain.

I am not saying what is really making you want to live on, in this life such as a family, a loved one, a job, a professions and so forth are wrong ,but it must have its strong foundation and anchorage in the higher power. That is all I am advocating.


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