There is Enough For Everybody But Not Enough For Greed

The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure. – B.C. Forbes

In the year 559 B.C (6th century) a young man named Cyrus gathered a huge army from the scattered tribes of Persia and marched against his grandfather Astyages, King of Medes. He defeated him and had himself crowned as a king over Medes and Persia and began to form the Persia Empire. Victory followed after victory  .He conquered kingdoms, distant lands, states including the beleaguered Egypt. He went on to conquer the greatest civilization, Babylon. It was in Babylon that he was acclaimed “THE KING OF THE WORLD” and had his nick named CYRUS THE GREAT. Even the Hebrew Prophet Isaiah, Prophesied 150 years earlier of his birth and 180 years before he was able to achieve these great feats. The book Of Isaiah captures that prophesy in CHAPTER 44:28, 45:1 and 45:13.After capturing the riches in Babylon and annihilating Egypt. He sets his sight to the East, on the Barbaric tribes of the MASSA -GETAI,a vast realm on the Caspian Sea(that is modern day Russia,Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan).A fierce warrior race led by Queen Tomyris.The people of MASSAGTAI has nothing as compared to the riches of Babylon but Cyrus decided to attack them any way to consolidate his power over the entire realm and the region. He behaved like supper human and thought to himself, “no one can defeat me”. Probably because of his numerous victories and the prophesy by Isaiah. Cyrus refused to listen to advise by his astrologers and his wise men, and went ahead and marched against the kingdom of MASSA-GETAI.As he set his camp on the western bank of Araxes River, he received a message from Queen Tomyris: “King of Medes”, she told him, “I advise you to abandon this enterprise, for you cannot know if in the end it will do you any good. Rule your own people and try to bear the sight of me ruling mine. But of course you will refuse my advise as the last thing you wish for is to live in peace”. With deaf ear he went to war with the queen and finally Massa-getai, in their anger  decimated the Persian army, Killing Cyrus himself. After Cyrus’s death, the Persian Empire quickly dismantled. One act of greed undid all of the Cyrus’s good works.

The portrate of Queen Tomyris and her subjects
The portrate of Queen Tomyris and her subjects



Greediness Can Short Cut All What You’ve Worked For Years


King Cyrus was born on the back of a great prophesy but his greedy nature destroyed everything he had worked for over the years. It was said that greed caused the 2008 downturn in the US and sent ripples throughout the financial world. Greed by the managers of financial institutions led to easy loans with little or no down payments. Greed by homeowners led to purchases of houses they couldn’t afford. Greed on Wall Street led to the creation of clever new financial instruments like mortgage-backed securities and credit default swaps. Greed by CEOs led to corporate extravagances and ridiculously high executive compensation packages. Greed by consumers led to excessive use of credit cards to buy things now, rather than wait till they earned the money to pay for it. Greed by companies led to off-shoring and the substitution of lower cost foreign labor for higher cost of domestic labor.

Greediness Can Lead To Betrayal of one’s Trust


Greedy is when you’re excessively desirous of acquiring or possessing, especially wishing to possess more than what you need or deserve. Greedy attitude of some people, made them took arms and overthrew a democratically elected governments . Those who got away with it, went and enjoyed their booty, and those who got caught, committed treason. Greed has destabilize nations, families and societies. Greedy people dishonestly manipulate others for their own personal gain. People who practice greed hurt everyone, especially their children, as greed is horribly short –sighted. It undermines society. Wealth has its own rhythm and patterns. Those who succeed are the ones who controls the pattern and vary them at will. The essence of this strategy is controlling what comes next and excitement of victory that can upset your ability to control what comes next in two ways. First you owe your success to a particular direction or methods that you will try to replicate. You will try to go the same way as you did first by not considering the current environment as against the former environment of which you gained the last success.That what Cyrus did, and he failed massively.  Secondly, success turns to go into your head and make you emotional. This makes you more vulnerable, and makes you more aggressive to acquire more, that ultimately undo the success you have gained.

                How To Stop Being Greedy


Always stop with a victory

1. Get Used To Sharing


One CEO advises his son not to take all the opportunities that life presents him, he should leave some for others. In Jewish tradition, when you farm and made a harvest, you never harvest all, you leave some for the poor to also harvest. It is gratifying when you help others when they have nothing. Just recently other prominent and rich people have contributed immensely to the wellbeing of humanity. As Ebola continues to ravaged some African nations, some persons have donated money for more drug to be made available for the patients, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook recently donated a whooping amount of $25 million to fight Ebola. What I have realize more about life is that greedy people do not have a good name, they are hated everywhere.Giving out a little, will always softens peoples’ heart if they have plans to hurt you

2. Be More Caring


Greed has destroyed nations in the past and continuously causing havoc. Congo, Kinshasa, is the most riches country in the world. The Congo River alone can produce a hydroelectricity that can power the whole African continent with cheap electricity. From Djibouti of the horn of Africa of the east, to the north of Libya, and to south of South Africa, and to west of The Gambia. Congo is the only country in the world that has every mineral resource ever known by man.Talk of Gold, Diamond, Manganese, Timber, uranium etc. With a very small population and yet due to greediness, the country has been ravaged by war. A population of 9 million could be free from financial freedom if past and present leaders were not greedy. There was one time, a president of the Congo, (Fmr.Zaire) Mobutu Sese Seko had more money than the country itself, not through his own hard work but got it from the country’s coffers. While his own people were suffering from diseases, poverty and illiteracy, he went ahead and sponsored one time American President in his electioneering campaign. In the Congo where the masses would not  allowed themselves to be cheated anymore, took up arms to demand their own share of the national cake. Not only in the Congo is greediness massively creating poverty and disease, but countries in the sub Saharan Africa like Nigeria, Ghana etc.Where politics is the surest way to amass wealth at the expense of the ordinary people.We should be more caring to the people and the nation that we serve,especially When we are in political offices where the laws are relaxed which makes it easy to manipulate the systems for own benefit.Be caring to your wife.Be caring to your children.

Greedy does no one good, it breaks relationships. It causes conflict in the home. It causes anxiety and it’s harmful. In the Congo River, there is this frog that eats so much that it bursts. Though it is very satisfied but it continues to eat. That is how greedy people are. They have enough but they still wants more. Note and a caution, work hard and make more wealth but don’t use others or don’t make wealth at expense of others so that the other person will have nothing to leave on. If you’re a company owner, give your workers their due and give them what they deserve, share what you have but don’t share into poverty. I have heard of a lot of people who were so excited about giving and its purported benefit, which they gave all their wealth away unto poverty and they came back to square one. That is not what I’m talking about. Give but with wisdom. Let us learn from nature. Everything you see, even our own bodies are working in harmony. If one part of the body suffers, the whole body suffers. If one nation suffers, every other nation suffers too. Let us show mercy especially to our families, friends etc., when they’re in need of something and is within your powers to help don’t hesitate and say, “Go and come some other time “Just help him. One act of goodness could change society. The universe and the society always reward those who do not have greedy nature in their hearts


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