True Prosperity

A poor man is he who is materially rich and yet he is dissatisfied with what he has got because he wants to have more to the neglect of the most important things of life of which relationship is the greatest.

During the  September 11 attacks in the US , a research was conducted on all the phone calls that was made on the planes and on the Twin Towers that fateful day.Most of the calls that was made indicated how truly people see the world when they face their own mortality. Life is truly understood when one faces his own mortality.Men understand more what is truly important when one realises that his death is imminent . The most important and what true prosperity is, is not the wealth that we rely on so much. No doubt to be wealthy is good and in fact it makes one’s life very easier and I therefore entreat everybody to fight the good fight of making enough money through more legal means to take care of himself and his family. To be in debt is evil because it is cancerous to good health and it robs great men of their peace of mind. However,It is very sad when true prosperity is termed as wealth.It so  misleading when wealth is extol as  virtue.


True prosperity is not the houses that we acquire in Mary land, Chicago and Hollywood or even in Dubai in the Gulf Region. True prosperity is not buying companies or acquiring huge stocks. Or even becoming the President of the United States.



For one to realise his full potential for this true prosperity, one must develop and understand what is truly important in this life. We are so much busy pursuing our own goals and leaving the most important things to the shelf. This makes us oblivious of the most important things of life, not alone talking of pursing for a while to really see and think of what the most important things of life really is. We really do not have enough time to think through as what is really important because we are always doing this or that. We wait when we are facing our own mortality or leaving this world it  is then that we start counting the cost of what is truly important and true prosperity.At that time, it will be too late to make certain changes or any amends.

It is a common believe that the world is full of scarce resources and so all what men does is to compete and to prevent the other persons getting his share. I believe Competition is good because it brings innovation, inventions and creativity to the fore, but using an unorthodox means to gain leverage is completely evil and a form of ignorance. Having scarcity mentality that resources in the world is not enough for everybody, is also evil in itself. This philosophy or assertion makes individuals greedier. People with evil intent use this as a pretext to stage their penchant for massive greediness by using competition in trying to undermining others into attaining that feat. Those who through integrity walked on the right path never engaged in what the dishonest were engaged in.Those with dishonest gains had their share of disgrace eventually . The world is full of abundance of resources. Nature has made provisions for everybody.So why want everything to yourself without the regard of your fellow man.


What is true Prosperity then? True prosperity is a heart that is abound with integrity, truth,honesty,strategic generosity and love. Of which the greatest of them all  is loving relationships.Those who died in the attacks did not call their bankers to find out how much money they had in their accounts.They did not call their real estate agents to see whether they can acquire more houses.They did not call their doctors  for the next appointment.But they called their loved ones.Some expressed how deeply they loved their loved ones.All they were thinking was about their relationships.Some one who is truly rich and prosperous is the one that is  content with what he has. A poor man is he who is materially rich and yet he is dissatisfied with what he has got because he wants to have more to the neglect of the most important things of life of which loving relationships is the greatest.

Friends reading this rendition now,if you have hurt your spouse go back and make amends.If your  parent are still alive and you don’t care about them any more because they’ve hurt you in the past, go and make  right with them.If all you are doing is to work,work and work and neglecting your family in the name of wealth, then you will  have to look at it again because that is not true wealth.Don’t sacrifice your relationship on the alter of money.Your family is your true prosperity.Your relationship is your true prosperity.If you have everything but fail in your marriage you’re a true failure.If you cant go along with your children you’re a true failure.True prosperity is loving your family,your spouses and loving all who matters in your life.


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