Types Of Women You Should Never Date If You Want To Get Married

Types Of Women You Should Never Date If You Want To Get Married



My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.-Winston Churchill

Marriages are becoming very difficult these days for so many reasons. One of the major reasons being that people can’t find the right partners. Others also belief that their inability to identify the right ones when they see one is their problem. Divorce cases  are really arising in an astronomical direction. One gets married and then realizes that after all, he never loved his partner or he thinks the partner has changed so much that he can’t even make up the head or tail of the relationship. These are major problems which are really shaking lives and causing havoc in many societies. Take for instance, the divorce rates in the USA, research has it that 50% of all marriages contracted ends in divorce. Healthy marriages are good for couples’ mental and physical health. They are also good for children; growing up in a happy home protects children from mental, physical, educational and social problems. So being able to identify these kinds of women, from the beginning, is very important for lasting future relationships. With these types of women, if you find one or you’re currently having one who has some of these traces don’t wait but quickly stay away from her as soon as possible.The best legacy you can leave for your children is to find them a good mother, and you must do everything within your power to do so.Let us get down and see these types of women you should run away from.

Lady Frigidity


Frigidity is the word used to describe impaired sexual feeling in women. It covers the entire range of substandard sexual response from total avoidance of sexual contact to an occasional missed orgasm. In this scenario, the lady seems to be cold and deliberately sexually rejecting. The lady has no sexual feelings, no sexual interest and she seems to be okay when she is not in any relationship. Total orgasmic and sexual impairment is a serious emotional problem and deserve to be treated as such. Like any other emotional problems, it has its roots from the past. Most psychiatrist has seen that women who suffer from these emotional undertones are raised in an unloving environment, unsecured family environment as a result of some separation or divorce. All what I’m trying to say here is that such women have serious emotional fracas from childhood and little from adulthood which will eventually eat into your relationship with her and destroy it.They normally hide under the mantra,”sex before marriage is wrong! Save it for your husband”. In as much as I believe is not good and wise to have indiscriminate sex before marriage, you have to make sure your woman is not suffering from this kind of a problem before you take her to the alter. If you really want to help her and more importantly, if she willing to solve this problem then she must get a good therapist who is specialized in these matters. If she is not willing, then you have no choice but to get out. One great psychologist once asked his patient how many Psychologists does one need in other to change an individual with an emotional problem? He answered, “one, and only if the patient is willing to change”. Many people think the psychologist or the therapist has a special magic wand that will automatically solve all their problems, but they have forgotten that the solutions lies within themselves.What therapist does is to help you ,help yourself. So if she is not willing to get solution for her problems then leave her alone.



Nymphomania is an ironical disease.Like an impotent man who can have an erection as long as there is no chance of using it.,”nymphos” can have orgasm as long as there is little chance of repeating it. Women with this type of problem are heart breakers, and one serious issue about this whole thing is that they are not even aware that they have this problem. In Africa, it is believed it’s a disease which plaques some types of women (in my local language it is called Cacapiopio) .The issue here is that this lady goes from man to man, from parties to conferences, on dating sites and social networks sites looking for real satisfaction. The men who tries to satisfy her may think “they are getting something”. What is really happening here is that the men are simply taking advantage of an UNHAPPY victim of neurotic conflict. After she sleeps with you with so great of excitement for some time, let say three months ,she is tired and confuse and then suddenly she sent you text message for a break up. Normally, the lady thinks her search has ended. She meet the man who can turn her on after a night or some days of relatively normal sexual functioning, she is happy. Her search has paid off, she can then settle down to enjoy it.Then something happens. Something always happens to this unfortunate women. As soon the relationship becomes more than casual, the brain resigns off and everything comes crushing down. If she calls you darling, that day your name will be changed to your real name. She sent you text message, “let break up, you have done nothing wrong, sorry” Her greatest problems is in her own mind; again her emotional baggage gleaned from both adulthood and childhood is causing all these. How do you know this, try pry open her past, and if you happen to meet a liberal woman who talks, she can tell you so many things about her, including her multiple relationships and how men have been unfair to her. Any woman who has dated too many partners has this problem. The solution lies in she telling you the truth. If you press on she will tell you the truth. Ask more questions. If you want to help her, again, you need to see a good psychologist but she must be aware that she has this problem and must be willing to seek solutions to that.

The Exhibitionists


Talk of strippers and topless dancers. These women derive their sexual satisfaction from displaying their breast with large group of men. They don’t need much inducement to reveal everything they’ve got. She just wants to display her nudity to all and sundry. They are seen in shabby cloths in the name of fashion in towns and even in the church. But beneath it lies serious emotional problems. Predictably, according to psychologist, strippers don’t get much other sexual satisfaction. They usually have trouble attaining orgasm and never find real pleasure in sex.



The day you get into a relationship with her, you’ve lost all your peace of mind. They have no feelings for anybody and therefore lack concern for you the individual. They demand unnecessarily. They derive pleasure from hurting you and humiliating you, even in public. If you have a woman like that, no one should tell, what to do.



As we all know prostitution is old as man.It has been mentioned in the bible for all most forty-four times. The ancient Hebrew were the first to condemn prostitution. Among the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Armenians, Syrians and Cypriots, prostitution was considered a noble calling and played a role in many religious ceremonies. Here I’m talking about those engaged in prostitution and those retired. There was this movie, I watched some few years back. And it was about one man of God who saw this prostitute on the road plying her trade. She was so beautiful and nice that this pastor fell in in love with her. She changed her, and then they got married and they lived happily ever after. It is only in the movies that these normally happens, but in reality this is not so. We sometimes feel we can change people to suit our wants but when it comes to these types of women the ball game is different. Many prostitute used their bodies all their lives, and when their value get less, they retire. These women are in no hurry to confess their past. One retired prostitute once said, “how do you think my husband will feel if he knew I have been screwed by 23,000 other men before he came along? “Every prostitute have one thing in common: they hate men and you won’t be different. Their underlying hatred for men always breaks and makes trouble for the relationship. In the nut shell, no former or present prostitute can ever get married. In fact marriage is not their thing. So if you go outside and see this nice girl and relishing to marry her and thinking of changing her into what you want, you will be in for a big trouble. How do you know she is a prostitute or an ex-whore? The kind of friends she has and,again asking her more questions about her past or you seeing her plying her trade.Continue asking questions because that is the surest way of knowing some one very quickly.


About 90% of all the problems we have in our relationships have got nothing to do with our present life experience and our current  situation, but our past. All these types of women have been severely plagued and damaged by their emotional past. They either know they have these kinds problems and have refused to work on it or have no idea how to get out or they have no clue about what they’re going through. You got to get out before she leads you to your grave. If she wants to be helped fine, and if she doesn’t want it too, it’s her own problem.


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