Use It Or Lose It :Why The Greatest Tragedy On Earth Is To Die Without Using Your Talent

If you die without using your talents, you rob your generation, and generations on unborn the opportunity of comfortability.

Who we are and what we can do, can’t be doubted in any way.The human RACE is so unique and a problem solver in the scheme of life, and of our human existence than any other living being on planet earth .We have eliminated and conquered diseases.We have explored and still exploring space . When children are growing up they exhibit so many extraordinary talents and abilities, and have so much hope for the future.But as they become adults they begin to lose that creativity and the zest they have from the beginning. Many have been told over and over, that their dreams can’t be realized, and that their childhood dreams are impossible. Things seemed hopeless as the days wore on in their pitiful lives.These hopeless adults see the future as bleak and bare. Nothing can convince them anymore about better days  ahead. We seem so unhappy about the  current situations we find ourselves in, and we tend to envy successful people for their success. You may say, “I think those dudes were lucky.”Listen dear, they weren’t lucky,they only did things you either not prepared to do or scared to do. In other words they took risk, and they took advantage of situations when the opportunity presented themselves.They were guys who were prepared to pay certain price for what they wanted. It’s normal to envy successful people, but it is not normal if your envy is causing you bitterness and pain.Our problem now shouldn’t be any thing other than  making this world a better place and more habitable with goodies than we came to met.

About few years back, I worked for this heartless bourgeoisie.He has not paid us for months, and my colleagues and subordinates were frustrated. In my country, labor laws are very relaxed and so anybody can just do anything and get away with it.They complained bitterly. I gathered them and then gave them some motivation and encouragement. At the end of the day, though everything was bad, they forgot all their problems and started smiling, and they started expressing some hopes for the future. I made them understood that their current situation, and how they should see things differently. I made them understood that life is too short and therefore there is no need for them to live their lives in sorrow. And that better days are yet to come. They clapped and were very excited. We all left ,that day, to our various place of abode satisfied, raising our hopes of a better future. We all left the company subsequently, and all the encouragement I gave them during the lowest moments in their careers,began to ‘bear fruit’. Any time I meet some of them in town, they are always grateful for that fateful day. I encouraged and spoke to them not because I’m a motivational guru, but I spoke to them because I have prepared for so long a time and has been looking for an opportunity to express it.The church over the years has been a place where most talents are hone, due to their various programs and their educational facilities. Now a lot of elements have entered into the main stream church, whose agenda is not to help developed talents but to take advantage of the ignorant and then amass wealth at expense of the poor. Relying on the church on this issue will be no longer wise and feasible because there is none.

All what I’m directing my attention to here is all about talents and ability developments. You have so much on offer. You have new inventions in you yet to manifest. You contain seeds of new ideas of doing things better, of which the world has no knowledge about. You are some one’s hope of redemption. You have the potential to create new drugs that will heal cancer patients and yet you’re doing nothing about it.Nature in its totality hates rest. That is why, the day you were conceived and up till now, your cells have not stop working. Even when you’re asleep, they continuously work. The day they stop working, that will be your end. So nature keeps working to keep you alive. So you will have to keep working on what you have so you  won’t lose it.I have talked so much about talents and abilities on this platform and elsewhere, and its abilities to change one’s life beyond their imaginary dreams. You may have the potential but if you don’t work at it you will lose it.

During the Transatlantic Slave Trade, one thing I have realized and that completely made the slave trade a success was about not putting slaves together from the same tribes and who speaks the same language. For the slaves holders knew that when they succeed in doing that, the slaves would easily lose their sense of speech and will,and then can easily be controlled. They also knew that if you don’t speak a particular language for a long time, you lose it.If you have a special skill and you don’t work at it to its perfection, you will lose it.You must continuously work to perfect your skills. If you want to be the best in any field, you will have to practice.For all the luck you will ever have is in the practicality.The experience you have,  will take you everywhere. In the world of today, the world hates amateurs and therefore celebrate geniuses, and the well experienced. Experience and practicality is the gem; the gold.The world will pay you well for your skillful talents.

A lot of people ask me, “Don, how do we use our natural passion so we can fully make use of them? In other words they want to know their natural calling.
I agree in all natural sense that, even before you can fully make use of these passions of yours, you must know what these gifting’s or these passions are, and then knowing how to utilize them for your own benefit and the benefit of others. If you don’t find it and use them, you will lose them. Natural Laws of this Universe hate inertial.It states that anything left on its own without usage will atrophy or rust.

Can you imagine if these discoverers  I have mentioned bellow did nothing, but they also came,live ,saw and died just like the others before them.look at millions of lives their discoveries have saved.This world would have been a very cruel place to live in without the discoveries of these great men:

Casimir Funk……….discovered vitamins and coined the term (1923)

Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine………….discovered the cholera vaccine(1892)

Baruch Blumberg……………discovered the vaccine for hepatitis B (1976)

Karl Landsteiner…..discovered the human blood groups A,B,and O (1930)

Jonas Salk………..discovered the first virus vaccine for polio,delivered by injection(1952)

Albert  Sabin…….discovered the first live virus vaccine for polio,delivered orally (1956)

Selman Waksman………developed the first antibiotics,including streptomycin (1952)

How  To  Detect  Your  Giftings


One of the reasons why people die and leave this earth unchanged, is finding of talents. Finding your talent is difficult, and when you find it you need huge resources to nurture it. And after it has been nurtured you need an opportunity or platform to exhibit it.As you exhibit it, and you go about your duties, you need to be recognized and accepted. At this stage, many lose their patient and give up so soon, and resigned back to their old shells. At this stage you should never give up or you should assess your modus operandi, and see whether there are some changes you need to make. At this  stage also in some individuals lives,who aren’t so lucky become famous posthumously. They die without enjoying or seeing their success.

Let us look at one great guy I admire so much  whose works were not appreciated and recognized, he got recognized after his death so many years after. In your case it shouldn’t be that, you will have to fight until you get there.
His name was Doménikos Theotokópoulos, better known as El Greco due to his Greek background, was a painter, architect, and sculptor during the Spanish Renaissance who was born in 1541. He also studied the Classics and created his own library of 130 books. He moved to Rome in 1570 and opened a workshop in hopes of allowing his artistic career to flourish and lived within the artistic community. He eventually moved to Venice and began painting religious subjects, often focusing on elongated features and figures. He did this in hopes of leaving his own mark in history, using a new and original style for himself. El Greco continued to travel and create, but soon lost his place in society after lacking the king’s favor. In 1614 he died after falling ill.

The  death  effect


During his time, El Greco’s work was ignored, pushed to the side, and often criticized, simply because it was different. His expressionistic and dramatic style was not what people were used to, and his paintings were not appreciated much at all. In fact, many during his time called his work “ridiculous” and “worthy of scorn.” Even after his death, he was also scorned, as many saw his work as being too confusing and incomprehensible. However, when the 20th century came, his work was, and still is, highly appreciated. He is seen as a painter who was ahead of his time, using modern techniques as well as those from the contemporary realm. In essence, many don’t believe he fits into just one school of art; instead he seemed to create his own.

How  To  Find  These  Giftings


Michael Jackson, founded his own, and worked on it, and he became a global Icon and the King of pop. Thomas Edison, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Nicola Tesla, Bill Gate and Steve Jobs etc. all have one thing in common and that is, they founded something they loved or have passion for, and worked on it despite strong opposition until they made it and got recognized in their lifetime un like El Greco.

Some  tendencies  of  your  gifting’s  can  show  in  the  form  of  this:


Let say, you’re giving the platform to talk to the whole world in an hour, what are you going to talk about? The answer you give to this question will direct you to your calling.
What do you want to see people become? Entertained? Do you want to see them motivated? Do you want their standard of living improved by better governance? Do you want to see people getting better medically or you have so much passion for the preservation of the environment.These passions can lead you to what you’ve been dreaming of all along. It is useless and counterproductive to operate in areas you have no interest in.How do you know you have interest in something? If you always do something out of love for that thing. If you’re not paid for it, you still don’t care. When you get engaged in it, time seem not to matter. You’re engrossed so much that when time is flying you don’t see it.

Last of all, reading can help you find what your love for something is. The advice here is that read anything and everything on every subject you find. Read from zoology to archaeology. Read much and a lot more. As you read, you will realize that there are some topics or subjects you may like very much. Explore more on that, and you will find what you’ve being made for.

Let me talk a little about Passion. Passion can’t be used as a gauge for what your calling might be. Why? Because passion changes with time. For instant, you’ve had experiences where you fell in love with this woman, and you had so much passion for her but later you don’t feel that initial energy you once had for her; that strong like isn’t there anymore. You initially love a particular profession, you got into it and you lost interest over time. Maybe because your expectation was not met as compared to what motivated you into it in the first place.All what I’m trying to tell you here is that, you will have to love what you’re doing beyond passion. As I said earlier, the world hates amateurs, they don’t like people who don’t know what they are about. The world will pay you well for your excellent work. If you refuse to find and work on these talents of yours but trying to use them any way, you will go bankrupt for your shoddy works. Any time you see gold watches or  diamond necklaces, it was not found as you see it so nice, but it was embedded in rocks and in a dirty soil. These minerals went through certain well laid out processes before it got refined, and then turned into the nice watch and necklace you see and admire so much. So is your talents. Your talents are raw and crude, and they need to be refined .After its refined, you will have to find someone or people to believe in you, and the rest will be history.What your main business should be, is to leave  this world  with more opportunities and hope for people than you came to meet.Leave  this world more improved and refined.


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