What Is Wrong With The Black Man

The black man has been dipping into the abyss further and further with no end of reprieve

I have always been championing black consciousness and pan Africanism for some time now. I have written to some extent the superiority of the black man and their prowess in the past on this platform and elsewhere, and the ability for Africans to indeed manage their own affairs. Over the years, after independence, the black man has consistently proved beyond all reasonable doubt that they can’t really rule themselves.


The black man has been dipping into the abyss further and further with no end of reprieve. In the past and even now, Africa has become the playground for some western nations and some huge corporations to the benefit of few elites.Where the world Super Powers  even fought their proxy wars during the cold war era.The past skirmishes in the Congo and Angola testify to this  reality.Research has shown that it will take more than 30years to clean up polluted water and land in Nigeria which will cost billions of dollars. Since the findings of the research was made known, none of the companies concerned have made any effort to that effect. Since the oil exploration began in Africa, water bodies have been polluted, if not all, are dead; there is no life in them anymore. All the ecosystems in those areas have been destroyed. People in such areas complains of diseases which are oil related. In mining countries like Ghana, rivers have eventually been destroyed; many rivers have dried up or rivers have changed colours which makes it undrinkable. Rivers have been polluted with chemicals from mining sites and these mining companies get away with. Forest have been decimated into desert for wants of minerals that will not even benefit Africans but for few corrupt officials.


When Africa political elites do not have power, they see well; they think well; they behave very well and they talk well, but when they get into power they turn into different beings. They become invincible; who cannot be touched. I heard of apathetic story a few years ago and it was about two good friends. These two friends were very close to the extent that no secret was kept from each other .One was a medical doctor and the other was a politician. The doctor was from the US who had relocated wanting to bring his experiences to bare so he can help improve the country’s health system though when he was in the US he took thousand times salary than he takes now in his own country. He visits this politician time to time. He virtually calls him every day. This doctor sponsored his politician friend’s young daughter in School and he made sure his daughter too attended the same school. The politician had nothing and he lives from hand to mouth. This doctor f virtually takes care of him and his family. During the 2008 elections, this same doctor sponsored him in his parliamentary bid and he won. Three months after winning, he took his child from the school. He changed his number and sworn never to see the doctor friend again. The doctor asked him the reason for such a decision, he told him in plain truth that he has now attained a new a status so he does not need him anymore. Apparently, this doctor friend was shocked to the core. After hearing this stupid reason, the doctor just grabbed some belongings, took his child and left the country. He couldn’t believe his ears and eyes. He couldn’t believe people could change within a little space of time. He wonders what this guy is bringing to the table in terms of national development and the government in which he serves.The issue about this elites are that the same thing that complain about when they were in opposition,it is the same thing that they do when they get the mantle.


The trappings and illusions of power  causes them to drift from their initial aspirations and the good intentions they have for their own people. The question here is that are those African leaders  passionate and have love for their own people or that they really do not believe in those aspiration that they have been espousing when they are in power or is it that the trappings of power has caused them to go utterly mad?Based on several observation,I think most black leaders in Africa are suffering from psychosis. In real sense, I really do not know why a leader of a nation will do so much harm to his own people; the cruelty ,the ills and the misrule, even in the animal kingdom you don’t see such things. In the Animal Kingdom, they protect their disadvantage and protect themselves. When a leader comes to power in Africa, all what he thinks of is how to maintain power for a long time and not thinking of growing the economy.


Those countries in Africa practicing democracy are the biggest culprit .They keep the people poor throughout their tenure in office and keep them poor through mismanagement of the economy. During the electioneering campaigns, they just give their followers and voters some handout to induce them to vote for them. When inducement fails, they create rigging machine to rig the election whichever possible.One dangerous thing that is going on  in Africa now  is the play of ethnic and the religious card to hold onto power for a long time. If that do not work too then they result in taking up arms to destroy the little things that they’ve struggled to develop when they were in power.Africa countries who’re practicing one party state are normally bankrupted by their occupiers. Such governments see the position they occupy as their personal property and not even envisaged to vacate power any time soon ,and so they don’t care if their countrymen do well or not.In fact they destroy their educational system to keep the people ignorant so they can rule them forever without any credible opposition or resistance.They send all their children to foreign countries for schooling,but they have forgotten that the greatest threat to their leadership even though can be a good  education but ignorance is more of a threat.If the  government decides to give scholarships to its citizens,it is only given to their children,cronies and party members to encourage party loyalty.


Africa need  new crop of leaders who will be  selfless and are ready to die and sacrifice for the cause of Africa’s renaissance and its development.Africa’s leadership deficit is  not due to their skin color of which many have purported to be or the environment in which they inhabit,but their evil, in appropriate philosophies from their various cultural background,greed and deceitful tendencies are the cause of all these.Africa needs a new way of thinking and  complete paradigm shift from our current thinking, and the love for own race.It is only in this direction shall we see Africa’s development and her ability to lock horns with the powers of the world.

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