What Makes You a good Target For A narcissist

What Makes You a good Target For A narcissist


Narcissists love to scout for new supplies even when the current supply is doing well. They are everywhere. You can find them on social media, parties, funerals and everywhere their targets are available. They scavenge and scout everywhere and even from afar to find a very good supply for their upkeep. In a situation where the current supply dries up, at least they can get a back up to fall on.

Whenever they see a new potential source of supply they will begin to put their games up for play. The moment the potential supplier falls for that gimmick, then they add them up to their portfolios.

You are a target for narcissist not because you are bad or evil, but you are too good beyond comprehension. They love those they can manipulate.

You are a likely target when you have the following traits or background:

Sympathetic: They come to you like someone beleaguered, look so sorrowful. The moment you give them a chance into your life and they established themselves, that ends it.

Well bred: Narcissists always gravitate towards people who are greater than themselves. They want qualities they do not have. Qualities they never had. Qualities they have longed for all these while.

-Well to do to some extent...Narcissists will gravitate towards people who have enough resources to spare.
loving person
Trusting  too much
-You have a good heart.
-You are family oriented.
-You take nonsense and hopes that things will work out eventually.

You need to look out constantly for this type of persons and avoid them before they establish themselves on you.

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