When To End Your Relationship


A relationship that doesn’t work out the first time probably won’t work out the second time. OR third. OR fifth.-unknown

You are currently going through a dilemma. You sensed your relationship is no longer working; the joy and the hope it gives you is nearing a dead end. You don’t know whether to call it a quit or stay in it.”What about if I quit and I find someone worse than him; after all, we are all not that perfect”, so you say. You fear and say: “What about if I leave, and don’t find anybody at all for another relationship?”. OR you want to stay in it to save it or work things out. I believe these are questions lingering on your mind now. Staying in toxic a relationship is very dangerous to your health. The effects of staying in an unloving and lying relationships for a long time damages you emotionally ,so much that it prevents you from cultivating a good relationship later in life.
Be wise and learn from these points I’m going to give you now, so you can save your soul from destruction. Meditate upon it day and night so you won’t fall prey to any dead end relationships that lead you to nowhere.

Check these points below:

-Everything he does annoys you:

There is this common saying that “if you hate someone even the way he holds a spoon annoys you.”You don’t seem to get it,you don’t like him anymore.He did something to you some time back,though you have forgiven him but you don’t seem so comfortable with him anymore.If you’re feeling like this then you don’t need to be in this relationship,you may hurt him and yourself eventually.Break the relationship quickly before it degenerate into a serious scuffle.

You no longer likes his personality:

Day in- day out you’re growing ,and developing both in capacity and, intellectually .Your taste changes with each passing day.The personality you once find so attractive is no longer attractive to you now.You have met nice persons at work,church,school or some social gatherings who have superior personality than your partner.You wish he has those qualities but he is not making any effort . And sometimes you want him to change but he is not ready to change.If you stay in this relationship you may cheat on him eventually.If you’re not happy with him leave.

-You have different priorities:

You want to go to school,he doesn’t want to.You want to travel all over around the world;he seems not interested, he only gives you excuses.You want to be a career woman,he says no.You’re a christian he is a Buddhist or a Jew and he blocks you from doing your religious duties.Date someone you’re on the same page with.If you’re on the same page the two of you are able to help each other realize your goals and aspirations. Relationships last and become glorious when the two are willing to support each others interest.

When there is no longer enthusiasm in the relationship:

Relationships experience ups and downs, and that is normal.There are times when all the zeal in the relationship is gone, and later it rekindles.But when it doesn’t kindle and it keeps too long,then it is time to quit.

-When you are constantly looking ‘outside the fence’ for adventure and new opportunities:

Something tells you from the deepest part of your soul that the relationship you are in now ,you don’t deserve it .You think you deserve better than what you have.When you’re happy in your relationship you have no business looking else where.

You don’t miss him him when he is not around:

This completely depicts the saying that: “when the cat is not in the house the mouse runs freely”.There is a sigh of relieve when he is not around you.He seems to be like an albatross around your neck.You cursed the day you met him.You don’t care if you don’t see him a gain.

He is Abusive:

He behaves as if he owns you.He physically,verbally and psychologically torture you.He threatens you with death and wants to make you feel responsible and guilty all the time.

-You wish you’re with some else:

you’re jealous of others relationships.All your friends seem to be in a good relationship and you wish you were one of them.Quit and start life afresh.Go and get what you deserve.

You realize that you are no longer compatible:

You have vast differences in terms of goals,Religion, acceptable age range,education,cultures and even race.

-All you do is to argue

Lately, every conversations turns into an argument.You ask questions and he diverts the answers.He even thinks you’ve become a detective and you’re questioning him on everything.Exchange of words are becoming rampart.All your energy is sapped after every episode.Get on your heals and get out before you commit murder.

You no longer finds him sexually,emotionally and physically attractive:

His sexual advances is repulsive to you.The sexual chemistry that exist between the two of you is dead

You are confused about whether to commit:

He wants to commit but you’re not sure you’re ready to commit.The thought of committing to him alone, sends a shiver around your spine.

He makes you feel so stupid:

Any time you’re with him ,yourself esteem is at its lowest ebb.Some relationships lacks so much dignity and respect that when ever the they leave each others presence they lose hope for the future.Your self esteem is battered and perforated so much that you don’t see any good in you.

-You caught him being unfaithful:

Being cheated on is a lack of respect to your personality.You heard people advising you about your guy cheating on you or you observed it.Quit  so you can save your emotional health.

As an infinity thinker,you don’t wait for situation to get out of hand before you act.These signs don’t appear in much lager forms from the beginning but in bits.See it from afar and quickly make a decision that will serve your interest.If you find any of the points given above present in your marriage or relationship quit Or you can seek a professional advice.

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