Why Is The World So Confused About Mr. Donald J. Trump’s Victory


The media was blinded by the fact that they did not want Mr.Trump elected, and refused to envisage the possibility of Mr.Trump’s Presidency.


Mr. Trump’s victory  came as a shock to many.Many did not believe that Mr.Trump would ever be the President of the United States, and so the world did not prepare for his  advent.Now then that Mr.Trump is elected,can’t the world go to sleep and accept the way things are?The reason are many,but  we will discuss a few here.


The  World  Wanted  to  Impose  Their  Own  Candidate  on  Americans


The world wanted to impose a candidate they like without knowing it is doing it.The world knows Hillary Clinton, and what she stands for, and so they were comfortable with her.The world knew that Clinton is an insider who knows the game and they thought she is some one they could do business with.You would be surprise that no western media ever reported anything good on Mr. Trump but what he said which wasn’t so good was trumpeted every where.

The  World  Loves  Continuity


Major complians  some were making  is that Mr.Trump may not continue with most of  the legacies of his predecessor,notably Obama. And many are afraid that the promise of doing way with some trade deals,NAFTA(The North American Free Trade Agreement) and TTIP(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) and not rectifying the climate change agreements will be  carried out.

Mr. Trump  is Unpredictable


The fear of some world leaders is that Mr. Trump cannot be predicted.He talks when he feels like.He cannot be gagged because nobody can threaten him of withdrawing his support especially funds.He has money already.The fear is that Trump cannot be influenced because of his rich background.The truth of the matter is that influencing President Trump will be very difficult since he is an outsider.They are afraid that Mr.Trump’s presidency will fight against their interest in wall street,if only he will carry out what he had said during the campaign.There are a lot of uneasiness going on within the political circles as to whether he will do that or change course.The world is watching with anxiety.

The Media Goofed


Most of the media outlets opinion polls all went against Mr.Trump.Some gave  Hillary Clinton as far as 16 points lead.And those who were benevolence a little gave Mr. Trump neck and neck.The Media can’t still find where exactly the  mistakes came from.But what we think is that the opinion polls were either done in wrong places or the people changed their minds on the last day of the elections probably because of the FBI announcement that it was investigating a new email scandal by Clinton.The media has always been told by Mr. Trump that,it was bias against him.Now that Mr.Trump is elected,there are   fear of reprisals,and what ever the reprisals are going to be,it will be made clear few weeks after he gets into office.Those that said all the nasty things  are afraid he might seek revenge and what ever form the revenge may take is still in the pipeline.



This should be a lesson to all of us that no matter  political position we find ourselves  in,we should never attack others because their opinions are different from ours, at least not openly. That is why we advise politicians of other countries to desist from making comments about candidates of other nations especially United States,Russia etc. The media was blinded by the fact that they did not want Mr.Trump elected, and refused to envisage the possibility of Mr.Trump’s Presidency. Moreover,Europe is comfortable with this current world order, and they do not  want any one to temper with that order but they can see,based on his utterances, that Mr.Trump seemed to be heading towards that direction to cause a major upset.These are the reasons why some world powers are not happy  with Mr.Trumps Victory.In the next rendition we will try and analyse how Mr. Trump’s Presidency will look like in few years to come.


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