Why Successful People Do Not Make New Year Resolutions

Why Successful People Do Not Make New Year Resolutions

Great men do not have new year resolutions they have programmes that they run, and in turns runs them.

It  is not so surprising when you see or hear so many people promising themselves to a great change during the beginning of every new year.It is common and glaring to all of us, because they do it without  any notable commitment.One notable mark that you will realize about these groups of people are that they are not too committed when it comes to the real change that will result in bettering their lives. After a few days of entering into the New Year most flaws that bedeviled them  during the past years, come back with full force. They come back to their old selves; the old selves they’re running away from. Their lifestyles become worse than the previous years. The cries, the regrets, the failures and the anxieties that characterized the old years still want to appear in their future years; it hunts them every where they go.  These bad experiences seem to chase them into the New Year. Every New Year, a new hope arises and quickly falls as the months moves on .

The reasons why they reluctantly go back to their old selves are that they see working on their flaws as something deferred; something to be waited for, to be corrected. Good Character formation and development is not something to be waited for, you correct it as soon as any ‘crack’ appears.The war for our soul,character and mind is so huge and intense that they hound us everywhere we go,starting from the pulpit,the media,friends and even the environment.Everybody wants part of us,if not all.At some point in time some behavior flaws will slip through unnoticed, which may be inimical to your goals, and which will eventually derail you from achieving that great goal you’ve set before you. Any time you detect any character flaws,you shouldn’t wait till it becomes so huge that working on it takes too much time and resources in correcting it.Quickly go and work on it,till you eliminate it.You shouldn’t wait till the year ends before you start thinking of doing something drastic about your flaws.Quickly engage it in a fierce battle until you defeat it.Successful people in the nut shell attack the problem as and when they appear.It will be too much costly for them to leave these challenges to some purported day or months before it is dealt with.Every successful man knows this and so they always scan the environment in expectation of it, in other to reduce and prevent such risks at all cost.

You should have a programme that runs you and you running it.You should have a long term programmes and a short term programmes. You shouldn’t allow anything to come in between you and your goals. INFINITY THINKERS do not wait for the year to end before they start making things right.They make things right as soon as the problems rare their ugly heads, and more importantly put in measures in place to prevent any flaws appearing in their lives. If you have this mentality of attacking problematic issues as soon as they appear, you will go very far and you will not worry about various flaws that causes the down fall of great men, which may likely to also lead you to that same path.

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