Why You Should Be Proud Of Your Uniqueness And Celebrate It


As you inch closer to your old age, you will realize that all what people are fighting for is to prevent you from being you.

We are all unique. No one will ever be like you .Your voice, your likes, your thinking patterns, your taste to things are different as compared to others. We are all not the same, and we will never be the same. Never compare yourself to others as in terms of beauty, money ,talents and many more. The 50 billion people that had lived on earth since it was first created, nobody had ever been like you, and it will not happen now, and not in the future. Be proud of your uniqueness and celebrate it.But why is it so important to understand this concept:


It  Reduces  The  Pressure  To   Compete  With  Anyone


A few years back, I went on jogging’s with a good friend of mine who tends to go faster than I do.He sometimes expresses displeasure about my inability to run like him.He goes too fast to my liken, expecting me to follow suit.I ones took noticed of his complaints which really made me uncomfortable and affected me psychologically and physiological for going too fast than my body could bear, and avowed not to follow his leads any more.So I go slowly and he moves faster. He goes so fast, and comes back without getting tired.He is amazing in his alacrity,but I can’t be like him, and I don’t intend to be like him.Anytime he is tempted to say anything,I would tell him how different we are in terms of our bodily limitations, and how far our body can endure certain pressures.Sometimes tension between us rises so high just because of our differences.He left my area, went to a different place.I decided to continue alone.Since we severed ties, I could see I have improved dramatically in my exercise of about 1000% than previously.I can move at my own pace without any body complaining about how slow I am in my movement.By my nature, I jog slowly but I can go long distances whilst, my friend can’t go such  long distances.We are far different. Our views of life are far different.But in other to gel together we must try and deal with our differences and understand each others differences, and not domineering over the other as my friend tried to do.By understanding how unique you’re, will save you a of lot heart aches. You won’t be trying to compete with anyone because you will know what you can do and what you can’t do.I encourage bench marking to be done by all, but after learning from such experience, you operate in your own way; your own unique way.Probably you can learn some bits of good information from the others.


No Pressure To Compare Yourself to Anyone


When you compare yourself to others you insult your maker. You can’t compare mangoes with pineapple?Note this: someone will always be better than you or some will always be ahead of you.You will always be better than someone else.So when you encounter some of these scenes,accept it as it is,and don’t look down on yourself because someone has gone ahead of you.Just be who you are, and work on your weaknesses that seem to weaken you. And in some situations, you will find out again that you have more capacities, certain abilities or are even better than others.The strong advice I will give you is that don’t feel  any superior  to anyone, it leads to hate and envy.And you know what insidious envy is capable of doing, destruction of the human soul.


Life Will Be Boring Without Uniqueness


I can’t really imagine how our world will turn out to be if everybody is the same.Has the same color, has the same thought patterns, speaks the same language and speaks with the same style, thinks the same way.Nobody wants to be in other profession than what everybody is choosing.Everybody likes the same food. The same type of women.In fact the world will be a grave yard because we will obliterate each other in no time.We will compete with each other for things that are really not necessary.




You are the best of quality of which nature has created. You are the finest so far in your family history tree and in humanity.Nature always perfects. He makes us unique so we can survive, and it makes life an interesting place to live in. Don’t allow anybody to belittle you because you have certain features that seem to be obnoxious or unique.You are unique. You are the Alpha and Omega.You are the beginning of the end. So say to yourself,” I’m the finest and the best of which nature could create, and I love who I am, and I will never compare myself to anyone.”


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