Why You Should Never Lose The Opportunity Tell Those You Love, You Love Them

Why You Should Never Lose The Opportunity Tell Those You Love, You Love Them

How awful  will it be  when you allow a woman  you love so much to slip in between your  fingers to another man,for failing to tell her your intentions.


When I look back at my past, there have been a lot of people I have come across in my  life I wished I had told them how I felt about them but I failed to do so. And there are some too, how I wished I had been appreciative of them whilst I had the opportunity. I was scared then that I might not be accepted or I didn’t consider it very necessary then. Probably you have gone through this same episodes several times. But I am here to tell you that you have nothing to lose to make your intentions clearly known but you have all to gain even if you are rejected.


One notable person I had wanted to show my appreciation and my love for, was my great grand mum. I have never seen a woman with love for her descendants anywhere. She was a fighter. She was unifier and a protector. I met her a few months before her demise. Just a few months of meeting her, she thought me one of the greatest principles ever. She thought me of how sacrificing for one’s children is of the utmost best. She thought me perseverance .When I looked back, how I wished I could do something  to show my love for her, even say something that, “I love her”, but is too late now.

Probably, you have had such an Experience before. Or you’re currently experiencing it now, where you are either scared to tell the woman you have so much feelings for that you are really in love with her or you don’t deem it necessary.But let me tell you,you will regret it in silence, wishing if you had made the move.It is better to go and be disappointed than not making any move at all.How awful  will it be  when you allow a woman /man you love so much to slip in between your in fingers to another man/woman,because you failed to tell her/him,”I love you”.

You may be in the same office but you are scared she might bounce you for making your intentions known. Thinking so much that you will be disgrace to your face. It is better to make your intentions known than to hide those feelings and suffer in silence.The most painful aspect about this whole theater is that the person may be in love with you too but he/she is also scared to make a move. The adage goes like this, “fortune favors the bold”.After a little try you have nothing to lose any way, even, when you are rejected. So tell them you love them. Tell your wife who has helped you so much in your life that you love her. Call your husband and tell him how much you love him and how you appreciate what he is doing for you and the children. Tell your children you love them. Call them on the phone if they are far away from you, let them know how you love and appreciate them .Tell them how important they are to your life. The important of this rendition is that, if you don’t say it now you might regret when you lose them to someone else who had enough courage to tell them. Or you might lose them to death just like it did to me with my grand mum. Or you might not have a good and loving relationship in the home if they think you don’t love and appreciate them.



Why Should People Know Your Intentions?


You Don’t Run On False Hope


Many people waste too much time in life in the hope that the woman who seemed to smile at them all the time might after all not interested in them .One day I went to the bank to cash in some money, upon my arrival I was met by this beautiful woman beaming with infectious smile. I was excited thinking, “probably this lady might be in love with me”, I quizzed it in my mind. I later made my intention known, and I was politely rejected .So when you make your intention Known  and he or she  is not interested, at least you will know how the other person felt.

People Will Love You For That


When you make your intention known of how much you love someone, they will know how honest you are with them, and they will love you more. Father Quoist once said,” Rarely do men hate those who have shown for them an unfeigned love.” Show more love to the family and they will love you more in equal  measure.


Many a man have waited so long thinking that life will always be the same for them, and they  lost valuable opportunities for not making their intentions  known.Who knows the single woman/man you see today around,your spouse, your parents,your friends.Tell them you love them.Don’t take time for granted, for you might not see them again,so make the hay whilst the sun shines.Make the move…


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