To live alone one must be a beast or a god, says Aristotle. Leaving out the third case: one must be both – a philosopher. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

In a lowly thatched cottage in the Nasman valley there lived a poor couple, Mr and Mrs Huh Saeng.The husband confined himself for seven years and only read books in his cold room. One day his wife, all in tears, said to him: “look here, my good man! What is the use of all your book reading? I have spent my youth in washing and sewing for other people and yet I have no spare jacket or skirt to wear and I have had no food to eat during the past three days. I am hungry and cold. I can stand it no more!”……Hearing these words, the middle-aged scholar closed his book, rose to his feet and without saying another word, went out of the doors, arriving in the heart of the city, he stopped a passing gentleman, “Hello, my friend! Who is the richest man in town?” “Poor country man! Don’t you know Byonssi, the millionaire? His glittering tile-roofed house pierced by twelve gates is just over there”Huh Saeng bent his steps to the rich man’s house. Having entered the big gate, he flung the guest- room door opened and addressed the host: “I need 10,000 yang as a capital for my commercial business and I want you to lend me that money”Alright, sir, where shall I send the money? ”To the Ansong market in care of a commission merchant” “very well sir. I will draw on Kim, who does the biggest commission in the Ansong market. You’ll get the money there.” “Goodbye, sir. “When Huh Saeng was gone, all other guest in the room asked Byonssi why he gave so much money to a beggar like this stranger whose family name was unknown to him. But the rich man replied with a triumphant face:” Even though he was in ragged clothes, he spoke clearly without betraying shame or inferiority, unlike common people who want to borrow money for a bad debt. Such man as he is either mad or self-confident in doing business. But judging from his dauntless eyes and booming voice he is an uncommon man with a super human brain, worthy of my trust. I know money and I know men. Money often makes a man small, but a man like him makes big money. Am only glad to have helped a man do big business”
The story above depicts the real benefits of acquiring wisdom or being a philosopher. It is said that experience is the best teacher and that those who had gone through so much experience, about a particular episode are respected and well rewarded. You don’t need to go through some of these horrible experiences before you become wiser or a philosopher. But you can compress time and shorten the process by reading or learning from others’ experiences and mistakes. That is what philosophers do. Some mistakes, you will never live to tell the tale or you become so affected that it pains, deceitfully, changes your world view for the worse. That is why I prefer you learn from others’ experiences.
For the purpose of this all- important rendition, I will restrict myself to the Greeks definition of philosophy, though is vague in our modern times and it meaning now is far different, and then we will get on from there. The term philosophy is taken from the Greek word, (phileo) meaning “to love” or “to befriend” and, (Sophia) meaning “wisdom.” Thus, “philosophy” means “the love of wisdom”. Socrates, a Greek philosopher, used the term philosophy as an equivalent to the search for wisdom. Also, the term wisdom is used as a general term for describing the intellectual probing of any idea.
All what philosophy is about is wisdom or being inquisitive, and making of right decisions. Wisdom is the ability to make right decisions at the right time and at the right place. If you make the right decision at the wrong time but at the right place, you will be faced with huge setbacks. Wisdom gives you power to see beyond the common senses. I will therefore give you the reasons why you should do everything within your powers to be a philosopher. Sometimes, when we mention philosophy, we think of some big word of academia, where you have to attain certain academic qualification or some credentials before you become one. Or is a word which is so sophisticated. But one way or the other we are all philosophers without knowing it.Even in our own small way.So let us look at the reasons below, and just imbibe these points into your mind, if you are not one yet.


According to ancient Greek mythology, the gods has the capacity to see the future. They saw everything to come, right down to the very detail of human affairs. Men on the other hand were seen as creatures of fate, imbued in the intricate affairs of life so much that it blinds them from immediate dangers that approach them. Odysseus the king of Ithaca and son of Laertes was considered the cleverest of the Greek heroes and not surprisingly, he was protected by Athena, goddess of wisdom. He often found solutions for important problems. Another important quality of Odysseus was that he was able to look beyond the present and plan several steps ahead, he seemed to defy fate. He is able to see the future and avoid been a victim of fate. This is how you should you live your life. If you want to be a philosopher of great repute, you don’t leave your life anyhow, more so that you become a victim of fate. This is an important character you should imbibe in to your very nature. You should be a planner and a visionary so much so that, even when you make mistakes, it will correct itself.


Margret Thatcher once said that she doesn’t care how long it takes if she will eventually get what she wants. Philosophers have patient. Patient to wait until one gets what he wants. Patient to stay on course despite both huge and little setbacks. When you look at Huh Saeng, he spent his time for almost seven years studying, there by postponing present gratification for more comfort in the near future. That should be your mentality. You should invest in knowledge no matter how long it takes. And be patient when you don’t see immediate results. Real Philosophers keeps on doing the right thing until they reach their GOAL


Read and read until you find nothing left to read. Learning not only about your own experiences, but most importantly the experiences of others’. I will say it again here, I prefer learning from others’ mistakes than my own. I believe that mistakes are only good for you, when you learn something from it.Fellow infinity thinkers, you don’t need to make all the mistakes in the world before you can learn something or take a cue. Anytime you learn from others’ experiences you compress time to your favor. When you sit in front of a great man, ask him questions and how he made it.Ask him to give you an advise about a particular problem even if you don’t need the advice at the time.Foster good relationship with him to drain him of his secret.Don’t be scared of him and be jittery just because he is a great man.Let me tell you some secret about most successful people. They’re just like you. They may seem to be quite and reserved a little bit, but they love to talk. They want to talk about their escapades.They want to talk about their failures; how they overcame and where they are now. They love to talk, so dwell only on that, and don’t forget to praise his heroism. If he goes personal by showing you his family, may be a portrait or some picture, then you have to praise him how beautiful his family is.This strategy is used to foster relationships so you can get some information from him.


It is impossible to be very wise and be poor. Many people will scoff at this statement that they have seen many people who claimed to be wise and yet they died of poverty. Let me descend a little to the Judeo/ Christian religion. In one of their books called kings, illustrated a story about a young king who asked God for wisdom in leading his people. God was excited because he did not ask for money or riches but wisdom. So God told him that because he has asked for wisdom he will add riches to it.I will say it again, it is impossible to be wise and be poor.


Because philosophers are wise, they make wise decisions in terms of the kind of food they eat that are healthy. They don’t eat too much fat so as not to gain weight. Philosophers are clearly aware of dangers of eating junk foods and its related diseases. Some opt for purely vegetative foods, fruits or meat products. They exercise daily for health and vitality.They always think of the implication of what they eat, more importantly, not now but for the future.There was this doctor whose 90th  birthday was being celebrated for him by his grand children,and was asked by one fine gentleman about what he did right, though he was 90 years and yet strong.The man smiled and said: “take care of your stomach for the first fifty years, and your stomach will take care of you the rest of your life.This is what I did.”


Anybody in debt has no peace of mind. Philosophers are always finding ways to reduce their debt. They save more money for a raining day.They don’t get themselves entangled with unnecessary debts.


Finding people who will be useful to you at any point in time is very important for your overall success in life. You need to look through and through…… To make sure that friends and acquaintances in your life, are very relevant to where you’re heading to. Clear all your friends and acquaintances, who rather brings you down and tends to suck all your energy. Look! I want you to observe something about people, currently, in your life. When you chat with them, do you see life so bleak and bare that you wish that you were not born? Or does he makes you feel relevant, does he loves you and does he makes you see opportunities and are encouraged despite present challenges? If the former is true, then you have no choice but to clear them off before they cause more damage.

Another attributes of philosophers are that they don’t give up easily, they take responsibility, they scan the environment for opportunities, and they take calculated risk in all their dealings. Friends and fellow INFINITY THINKERS, you deserve the best that life has to offer. If you have fallen short of some these great attributes of philosophers, you have the chance to make amends now. The Chinese said the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the second best time is now. Go to work and be the philosopher you deserve to be.


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