Without Practice You Are Doomed To Mediocrity

Without Practice You Are Doomed To Mediocrity


       We can never amount to much without practice

Have you ever wondered why after many practice of doing a particular activity, tends to make you love it and therefore becomes even more fun?
Notwithstanding, some people have natural talents for certain activities. For instance, more athletic PERSONS excel at new sports, because they find it easier than their counterparts. For them it is more fun to try new things. However, people who develop more skills, practice more than just doing a mere activity.Even talented individuals need to often practice to stay above the pinnacle of that field. We must all practice to get better at something if we want to be the leader or  experts in certain fields of endeavor.
Even talented people need to practice REGULARLY to get better or exceptional at something. When people become skilful at something, do they find those activities fun.

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