Xenophobic Attacks On Blacks In South Africa:A Shame To The African Race

Xenophobic Attacks On Blacks In South Africa:A Shame To The African Race

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Pliny the Elder once said, “Something new is always coming out of Africa”. I will like to re frame it this way: “Something surprising always comes out of Africa”. The first time I heard of Xenophobic attacks on Africans was way back 2008.The common reasons they gave was that their common brothers from other African States have taken all their jobs from them, and that  their fellow black men is the cause of  all their economic woes. It is completely unimaginable and shame for Africans to be slaughtering their own, just because of a mere and useless perception which is here nor there. The reports we had and its widely circulated in the media, was that some South Africans took machetes, got into offices and started pulling out immigrant from their offices and Killing them. Some were burnt to death for no wrong done. Even if they had done something wrong or wronged the law, don’t they have the right to be heard in the law courts?


Just  Look  At  Some  Of  The  Stupid  Perceptions  That They Claimed  Underpinned  The  Xenophobic  Attacks

1.The  belief  that  only  South  Africans  fought  Apartheid  and therefore  they  are  the  ones  to  benefit.


South Africans should understand that many nations in Africa, if not all, contributed immensely to the struggle. Some contributed money, some moral support, to some militarily, and to some they had to virtually put a trade embargo on white South Africa  to loosen the grip of Apartheid. Africa is for us all, from Djibouti to Ethiopia and from Egypt to Ghana, all belong to African people and every African has the right to live everywhere he or she wishes.


2.The  belief  that  the  South  African  government  is supposed  solve  all economic  problems.


The ANC(African National Congress) came into office with a great fun fair and with the hope that their coming will end black poverty in black South Africa. The promises that were given to Black South Africans of which were better housing, good schools and good drinking water had not been fulfilled. When ANC came into  power in 1994, South Africa as country was virtually bankrupt and therefore the promises were not fulfilled even at Mandela and Mbeki’s time. The problem facing South Africa is mounting by the day, and it seems ANC and its leadership have lost ideas as to how to solve this problem.During the attacks, there were strong indications that some Chiefs and some Politicians were behind all these attacks to divert attention from the real problems  South Africans are facing. The reasons why South Africans are still suffering economically is that of the lies that were peddled during the campaign trail to make South Africans  believe that when power is given to the ANC they will solve all the problems black people face, and that turned out not to be so true.They have miserably failed South Africans.I believe the ANC government should manage the expectations of their own people,  and not to be too economical with the truth, and let South Africans know that the country is in crises and therefore these foreigners are there to help and not to take away from them, as it’s being purported.

 3.The  belief  that  immigrants are  the  cause  of  all  South  Africa’s  Problems.


Some of the immigrants are highly skilled and well-schooled than some the South Africans who were going on  the rampage. Moreover, these immigrants bring a lot of money and investments into South Africa and moreover,these same Immigrants are the source of jobs to these Southern Africans. So now that they have killed some immigrants and asking the immigrants to  leave and even destroying their business, how do they expect the economy to do?To grow? No,that would not be the case.South Africa’s economy has severely been affected by these attacks.These attacks have sent a lot of signals to investors out there that South Africa is not a good   place to invest.Most Immigrants with money will be scared to invest. So now, who are the losers?


South  Africans   Are  Suffering  From  Post  Traumatic Apartheid  Syndrome


Psychologically, South Africans are suffering from  trauma of Apartheid era. Something must done about this emotional out burst or mental disorder to avert any future xenophobic occurrences. It happened, 2008 and it’s now happening, 2015.If care is not taken now, what will happen will be more serious than these two occasions.South Africans are suffering from post traumatic Apartheid Syndrome. As result of these past episodes ,South Africans are angry and disillusioned. South Africans are suffering of the effect of apartheid. That country needs healing. After apartheid, South Africans were left on their own. Instead of being taking  through healing process so that they could come to terms with current realities of life, they were left to their own fate. The perception that Violence is the answer to everything in South Africa has now been woven to the very fabric of Society. The violent nature of which apartheid operated and its by-products has been psychologically accepted by South Africans, so they don’t see anything wrong in killing someone when they feel that someone is not living up to their expectations. The by-products of apartheid is having and adverse toll on south Africa and consequently immigrants bearing the brunt of it .South Africans need a psychological Healing. The reconciliation commission constituted many years ago, to look into some of these, did not help and has rather divided South Africans the more and had made them more bitter.

As a PanAfricanist, I sometimes feel more ashamed of how the black man is ruling its own people.I believe many Western Nations are laughing at Africans right now, saying,” We told you that you guys can’t rule yourself? “It so disheartening to see people of great civilization like the African people  engaging in this barbaric act like the Xenophobic attacks on their own people.The tasks before South Africans are huge and mounting. South Africa is sitting on a time bomb and it’s indeed seething…It will explode and not even the neighboring countries can we stand. It seems only few South Africans and the political elites are the only ones benefiting from the national cake. The South African Government must do more to alleviate the sufferings of the people.


I have said it here  time, and time that I will not be controlled by racial prejudice.If the black man does something wrong I will condemn it and if the white man does something good I will extol it.Infinity Thinkers Fraternity is a fraternity for all.We love all mankind because we are all one.

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