You Are Someone’s Hope; Don’t Fuck Up!!

You Are Someone’s Hope; Don’t  Fuck Up!!

This topic reminds me of a story I heard not long ago in one of the big towns in Ghana. A coup d’état took place during the 80’s and those in government then were accused of corruption and malfeasance. Many were killed, and some were jailed without trial. There was this king who happened to be a sympathizer of the then government, found himself on the wrong side of the military government. So in other for him to save himself from either been killed or jailed, abdicated the throne and left for the UK.He was there for 20 years.He only come back when the military was no longer in power.Upon coming back, he realized that his throne had been occupied by a new king with the backing of the then chief priest and some elders. He demanded that his throne be giving to him, but the new occupants refused. Since then there has never been peace in the area. These two factions who were once family members have now become bitter enemies.

One day, this new king went to the Chief priest and told him that he is really not enthused about what was going on, and the lack of peace in the area, and so he is formally informing them of his abdication of the THRONE.As he turned himself and about to leave, from nowhere a blow coupled with some slaps was struck to his face by the Chief priest, and this is what he told the king: ”You Are Someones Hope; Don’t Fuck Up”. He entreated him not give up in the face of turbulence,difficulty and   some small set backs, as the older king did and that he should not think of abdicating.
Sociologists tells us that even the most introverted individual will influence TEN THOUSAND other people during his or her lifetime. This means that we are all influencing and being influenced. Everyone on this planet is continually exerting influence, either to create, destroy, bring peace, bring hope to course havoc to other lives.
You are someone’s hope, don’t mess up. Whenever you are doing something, always think about the next generation after you. Think about the people around you of which your decisions may affect. Think about your admirers. Think about your lovers. Your nation, and even your very self .If Churchill had fucked up and signed the peace treaty with Adolf Hitler, the world would never had known peace. If Obama had fucked up by not going to Harvard, probably, he will never had been the United States president. If your parents had fucked up by aborting you, you will not be here reading this. King Edward VIII fucked up by abdicating the British throne to his younger brother because of a woman. If King George VI had fucked up like his brother Edward VIII, the current Queen of England will never had become the Queen. If Joe Stalin had fucked up, Russia will never had become a super power. All those who fucked up, brought untold sufferings not only to themselves but generations after them.
So here is your chance to make right the wrong of your fathers’. You have so much to offer humanity. There are GREAT musics in you, lying dormant, go and sing them. You have THOUSANDS of books in you, write them. There ARE a lot of leadership qualities in you that will liberate people from the shackles of poverty, go and exhibit them. Humanity is waiting for you to bring out that new inventions, that new political system, that medicine, that new religion, that new ways of doing things which will liberate humanity from its current doldrums
We are in a golden age of information and knowledge ,and these great ‘crowd of witnesses’ of the pasts and the present are cheering you on to persevere in your undertaking and not to give up.




I can tell you where someone will end in ten years by the kind of books he reads and the friends he associate himself with. Life is indeed difficult and if we understand this, then life will no longer be difficult. Relating to human beings is also very difficult. Sometimes we become so much addicted to that one person we are in the relationship WITH, and we find it very difficult to detach ourselves from them even when they hurt us. I can tell you point blank that many ladies and gentlemen are having a psychological issues just because they have overstayed their relationship. Their relationship is so toxic that they always wallow in an unnecessary pains. If you stay in unloving relationship and hoping that things will turn out good, THEN YOU ARE FUCKING UP. Get out and be free, though your situation is painful or a guy failed you some years back, so you have decided not to trust again and let alone give yourself a chance to be happy. You don’t have to fuck up this way. Shake that pain off and start living, and trusting again, it has been too long.Many millions are waiting for you to tell to them something. They are waiting for you tell them how you came out and become who you’re today. So get out from any relationships that is not serving you and preserve your soul for this crowd, don’t fail them, they need you. In all humanity and in scheme of life, no one can fulfill these needs. Only you can do it.



You deserve better. When things are not working in your favor don’t sit down and think that this is the end of the road. You lament and say, “I may never find a guy like him or a woman like him, or I may never get such an opportunity again. People have this weird believe that Opportunity lost never comes back. I am declaring today to you, that opportunity lost always comes back but in the different form. Just open your eyes and you will see it.According to the great Talmud, anything you want to see, you see it.



I am of the strong believe that no one can truly be successful if he has low self-esteem. Low self-esteem will make you choose low grade items. Even when it comes to dating, you choose cheap men and women who will hurt you. All the relationship problems, about 95 percent, I believe all COMES FROM self-esteem problems. If you have self-esteem problems you make so much unnecessary mistakes. If you have a very good self-esteem, you don’t allow anybody to treat you badly. You always demand first class treatment like a king and a queen. If you don’t get first class treatment you seek, you don’t take anything anyhow .Low self-esteem always makes you think you don’t deserve the best, only second grade Items. You deserve the best of all things, go for it and don’t settle for SOMETHING LESS. Remember that by you having a low self-esteem and not working on it, is a clear indication that YOU’RE FUCKING UP big time. People are waiting for you to repair their broken self-image THROUGH YOU .Brace yourself and prove all critics wrong.




Research has shown that the average person if he doesn’t read at all, should have read about 45,000 books before he reaches age 60.Reading makes your life easier.It opens a world of possibilities for you. It enriches your life. The book warmers have no rewards in heaven because themselves are the rewards.It is in this vein that I say if you want to marry, marry someone who takes personal improvement and read much, seriously.With such a person, about 85 percent of the job of working on the relationship and sustaining it, is done DEAL. They are loving people. Any self-improvement person is humble. Readers are leaders, and so they can produce leadership in the relationship. Almost all the great leaders from Winston Churchill, Stalin, Mao etc. except for a few are voracious readers. There are no one leader who amounted to greatness without taking their self-improvements and reading seriously.These renditions I write, if I don’t read MUCH I can’t write anything meaningful. I fear those who read because I don’t know the kind of weapons they have. They are like Chameleons, they are always changing for the better. But those who don’t read are like chaffs, the wind blows them anyhow. So you should start your book reading regime now,if you don’t want to fuck up. If this is your first time, you can start by reading one book per month and then decrease the weeks of the reading till you reach per week. Sea of people are waiting, so you can inspire them and give them hope,don’t fuckup.If you are not motivated to read to all, just remember those who will be inspired through your works, those who will earn a living through you, those you will be saving their very lives and making them happy.Let these sea of people be your source of motivation.

You are so important in the scheme of life. You here on earth for something wonderful.Dont allow any moron to intimidate you or destroy your will to live. You came to this earth a lone and you will go alone. So do everything possible to make yourself happy,  and those you will be inspiring. I say ,stop FUCKING UP and live the life you deserve. Who knows you may be added to people who have made history for their respective nations, just because you refuse to FUCK UP.




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